with a moon like this, i'd never want to say Goodnight. I absolutely agree. this is pure beauty. Where is this?

Old buck locket - vintage

Aurora Borealis.

heaven and earth, nature, mystical alaska aurora- spent some time in alaska but never saw this. Definitely on my bucket list :)

The Wonder Tree, Klamath, California

I Love The Colour Of This Photograph! A Tree Growing On A Tree, It Is Truly a Wonder Tree, It Must Be Gigantic! The Wonder Tree, Klamath, California photo via rabbitpit

✮ Tornados

Burning daylight—thought these were tornadoes, I think those are the burning oil wells in Kuwait during the Gulf War. Iraq set fire to more than 600 of them as they retreated from Kuwait during the Gulf War in 1991

Aurora australis

New Zealand, "Southern Lights" or Aurora Australis, (by Trey Ratcliff)

Antarctica >> truly a dream destination!

Antarctica Icebergs: Stripes are formed by layers of snow that react to different conditions. Blue stripes are often created when a crevice in the ice sheet fills up with melt water and freezes so quickly that no bubbles form. Nature is amazing*

Lightning strikes Trump Tower and John Hancock Center at the same time in Chicago, June 23, 2010

June 2010 Shooting on assignment from the John Hancock Center, the Chicago Tribune photographer Chris Sweda captured lightning bolts hitting the Sears Tower and the Trump Tower at precisely the same moment. Photograph: Chicago Tribune photo by Chris Sweda

Tanzinite ...

Tanzanite, Tanzania (in central East Africa) The world's one source of Tanzanite is only a five square mile area - and is a hilltop at Merelani, in the Lelatema Mountains of the Arusha Region of Tanzania.

Awesome Roof Top Tent!

CVT Cascadia Vehicle Roof Top Tents Is this anchored to the car? Would save my being blown away in the night fears.