How Getting Killed By A Bear Helps You Beat Your SEO Competition Everyone seems to be talking about search engine optimization. We can’t seem to find a shortage of videos on YouTube about SEO. That’s why I wanted to do this. Search Engine Signals Google and the major search engines pull from hundreds of "signals" that are put out by websites and various web properties to determine which sites are the most relevant. They put the most relevan

Video marketing is rising in demand. Some say it is the most important strategy in marketing content right now, regardless of your industry or product. Have you noticed the changes in video and where you can find it lately? YouTube isn’t the only destination anymore. Speaking of YouTube, sheer volume of availability is overwhelming, to say the least. Yet more options are open now, including Twitter and Facebook. (If you haven’t yet, check the

News & Changes Hello! Sean Burrows here. Internet marketer, business owner, and here to help you stay raw, real, and relevant online. Today is April 10th and that means that for all you Apple loyalists out there, you can pre-order an Apple Watch. That’s right, you can’t get one, but you can give Apple your money so that they’ll send you one first. Why You Should Care: More Money For You For business owners interested in making money, regard

Imagine searching places, events, or something as ambiguous as emotions through image recognition. Visual search engines are finally here. There is an endless stream of photo data coming out of Instagram and other platforms, and right now there is very little by way of tools to help in searching those images. That is changing, and not the way you think. Instagram’s parent company is Facebook, but Facebook is not diving into the nitty-gritty yet

Regardless of whether your clients are other businesses or individual customers, you work with people. Regardless of the business you are in (whether you realize it or not) you do marketing. The mutual goal between any provider and recipient is the exchange goods and services. If both sides are to be satisfied, both have needs to be met. Slick Sales Go the Way of Wagons and Washboards Marketing used to be associated with an old sales model. Pictu

"We need video," you say, "Ok. Got it. I read it on Sean’s blog, so lets do one and stick it up on the website. Then we are good and our business will be successful." Not quite. Yes, video is important for your business. If it’s not part of your marketing plan yet, wake up and make sure it is. If you want to connect and build loyalty with your clients and customers online, you need it. There is more to it than just throwing one together.

There is a new marketing landscape. Are we making the most of every moment? Mobile has made a profound impact on how we use our moments. Marketers are watching closely how mobile affects and changes consumer behavior. Since the goal is to meet people’s needs, this change in mobile behavior requires a refocus on the human element of marketing. We need to reach out to people in a way that meets their needs best. We get to become better digital ps

"If you can dream it, it’s on a Pinterest board. Are you on Pinterest? Are your customers? Is your business on Pinterest? 47 million people strong and growing, it is not one you should ignore. Its setup is advantageous because it gives unique selling potential, leading users to as many items as it does people. Facebook connects to friends and news. LinkedIn attracts job-seekers and career builders. Instagram and Snapchat attract young adults w

If you haven’t heard, on April 21st 2015, Google is going to exclude your website from mobile searches if it’s not mobile friendly. There’s really nothing to worry about if you’ve been on top of your game. That means, if you care about the experience that the users are having on your website, then this shouldn’t be a big deal. Really. Go put your URL in the little box and click the button to see if Google thinks that your website passes

Does a company need to send out soulless and boring content to be professional? On the contrary: All the content and the story give a business its life. A business’ story … how abstract a concept is that? Are we talking fairytales or spinning a yarn, telling tales around the campfire? Nope. A business’ purpose with its story is credibility, understanding and loyalty, not fiction or fancy. "It s about how your products or services exist in

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