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Making A Living With Your Passion

Helping you find your passion, become an expert, and make more money than your day job before you even quit with daily videos and twice-a-week podcasts.

Making A Living With Your Passion

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Stop trying to be unique and start trying to be authentic. Your own individuality will come out from that.

Is It Ever Okay to Steal Creative Ideas?

Research shows in order to really internalize something, you have to be exposed to it 7 times.

153: The Magic of 7

Shooting Part Two of the free three-part ValueBasedPricing... video series that I’m sending out to subscribers.

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New Podcast Launching:

New Podcast Launching: Lambo Goal

Find the things that are already doing well and focus your energy as much as possible on them.

152: Take Advantage of What Works

[Free Video] How to Digitize Hand Lettering

How to Digitize Hand Lettering

What one thing will have the biggest impact for you right now? Do that one thing.

151: The Most Important Thing

You will slowly lose what you don't maintain.

150: 8 Ways to Be Constantly Improving

Strip away the social element. Will you still create?

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How to Stay Motivated

How to Stay Motivated

If you look at all of your projects as tasks, you’re never going to get anything done.

149: 6 Ways to Stay Motivated (and How to Find Drive in the First Place)

Multiply Your Business by 1,000x With A Team

Multiply Your Business by 1,000x With a Team

Taking Donations vs. Taking Investments – What do you do when someone wants to give you money?

148: Taking Donations vs. Taking Investments

I think filtration is the future on the internet and I think it's something you won't blink at paying for.

The Future of the Internet Is Filtration

Introducing: Lambo Goal (a new podcast). Two entrepreneurs take you behind the scenes and share real numbers.

Lambo Goal

Finally finished the exhaustive behind the scenes gear video we spent most of this week on!

seanwes Gear Listing

Value doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Learn the many factors that go into Value-Based Pricing.

147: The Nuts and Bolts of Value-Based Pricing

What if we started making our work for people rather than for popularity?

057: Good Work vs. Popular Work

Go behind the scenes to hear us read real messages that sold a valuable, high-dollar project. This is part 2 of an epic 3-part series on Value-Based Pricing.

In order to get people on board with your WHY, you want to bring them on with an initial WHAT.

056: What → Why → Whats

Magic happens at meetups. You can’t beat one-on-one interaction.

What was it that made me happily spend $30,000 more than I expected? Value-Based Pricing.

145: Getting Started With Value-Based Pricing

Even a failure is progress because you’re no longer heading in a direction that isn’t working.

054: Fail Forward

Your real problem isn’t protecting your “precious” idea, it’s getting people to notice you.

053: Your Idea is Worthless

An Exhaustive Guide to Working Like a Pro

144: The Case for Professionalism