West Vancouver,Bc,Canada / I am a wife & a mother to 2 lovely kids. I love the simple things in life that includes good food, cooking, fine dining, & travelling. Cooking is my passion.
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Seasaltwithfood: Apam Balik

Finally found it! This is a thicker version of Apam Balik or pancakes filled with peanuts and sugar. A popular street-snack in Malaysia and Singapore.

Seasaltwithfood: Homemade Kaya~Coconut Jam

Kaya or Coconut Jam is a popular and delicious breakfast toast spread in Malaysia and Singapore. A perfect Kaya has to be smooth from hour.

Seasaltwithfood: Pizza Cheese Balls

These Pizza Cheese Balls is a comforting and delicious treats. They are made from homemade pizza dough and filled with mozzarella cheese.

Seasaltwithfood: Chinese Hamburger Buns

This is my version of the popular Chinese Hamburger Buns in northwest China. These buns are slightly chewy and crusty on the outside but still soft inside.

Seasaltwithfood: Nutella Crescent Rolls

These little Nutella Crescent Rolls are so decadent. They are made with homemade bread dough, filled with Nutella, baked until golden brow.

Seasaltwithfood: Salted Duck Egg Fried Prawns

The rich and creamy salted duck egg yolks are often used to enhance the flavor of vegetables, meat, and seafood. This is a scrumptious Salted Duck Egg Prawns.

Paris Nouvelle Vague pendant, large model

Paris Nouvelle Vague pendant in white gold and diamonds available at Cartier.

Seasaltwithfood: Ham And Cheese Croissants

Here's an easy snack to make, tasty Ham And Cheese Croissants. Using just ready-rolled puff pastry and the two other handy ingredients, yo.