Sweet Peas

NorCal--plant in Sept." Set seeds one inch deep and apart in well amended soil, when seedlings are tall, thin to apart. Growing Sweet Peas from seed directly in the garden - technique tips with photos

Mhhmmmmm sweet peas.

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Sweet pea flower arrangements

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jam jars of homegrown flowers from the natural wedding company

Pink sweet peas

Pink Sweet Peas - remind me of my sweet mother

Arrangements - peonies, sweet pea, rosemary.. Really love this one.

Calia Desk

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Ahhh, sweet peas...

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Sweet!  Sweet peas!

My favorite flowers, Sweet Peas.

sweet sweet ... peas

work from Home

flower arrangements for every type of vase - this one is a pitcher filled with sweet pea and alchemilla


Flower arranging by vase with Nikki Tibbles of Wild at Heart - The Pitcher filled with Alchemilla & Sweet Pea.

Cream Sweet Peas.. I can almost smell these.  They are so pretty..

The botanical name of the sweet peas is Lathyrus odoratus - odoratus means scented, and these are beautifully scented flowers.