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Organic Carrots from High Mowing Organic Seeds - used for a variety taste test as part of the Student Organic Seed Symposium. Yum! (photo from

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Organic Tomato harvest from our Trials Gardens - High Mowing Organic Seeds

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Organic Breen, Spretnak & Aerostar Lettuce, Organic Napoli and Ya-Ya carrots. From the High Mowing Organic Seeds' Trials Fields.

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High Mowing Organic Seeds - 100% organic, Non-GMO vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

High Mowing Organic Seeds - 100% Organic, Non-GMO Seeds

Organic Calypso Dry Beans from High Mowing Organic Seeds

Organic Calypso Bean Seeds

Organic Allure F1 Hybrid Corn - Seductive sweetness in a high-quality bicolor! Allure is the first organically available synergistic sweet corn, combining confectionary sweetness with excellent seedling vigor. Sturdy stalks grow 6-7’ tall in an impressively uniform stand. When the trials crew harvested sweet corn from our 2013 trials, Allure was the variety most commonly set aside for personal reserves and the preferred one to “sample” during harvest.

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Organic Spicy Mix Micro Greens - A blend of zesty arugula, mustards, and Asian greens with dynamic spicy flavor and an array of colors and t...

Organic Non-GMO Seeds - Spicy Mix Micro greens

Organic Northeaster Pole Bean - The buttery flavor and hearty texture of this Romano bean will take your garden by storm! So named for its suitability in short-seasoned climes, Northeaster is consistently one of the earliest pole beans in our trials. Flattened, pale green pods grow 7-8” in length on tall, vigorous vines. Our 2012 trials crew loved picking this variety because plants climb well and beans are easy to distinguish from the foliage.

Organic Non-GMO Seeds - Northeaster Pole Bean

Organic Janvel F1 Hybrid Cauliflower - Gorgeous, high-quality heads with nice dome shape and excellent uniformity. In our spring cauliflower trials, Janvel outperformed Fremont in both yield and presentation, and had a slightly longer harvest window. Perfectly formed heads range from 6-8” in diameter and are well-protected by tight wrapper leaves. Vigorous plants have tall leaves which provide excellent sunburn protection for curds, resulting in perfect, white heads.

Organic Non-GMO Seeds - Janvel F1 Cauliflower Seeds

Organic Silver Slicer Cucumber - A creamy white slicing cucumber with excellent flavor and lovely smooth skin! Thirty-five seedsters can’t be wrong: Silver Slicer cut through the competition to take not the silver but the gold in our 2013 cucumber taste test. Hands down winner due to its mild flavor, juicy texture and thin skin.

Organic Non-GMO Seeds - Silver Slicer Cucumber

Organic Diamond Eggplant - We were so excited to discover this variety in our trials fields and it has really proven itself a standout for several seasons now. This OP eggplant is a very prolific and early producer. The slender, attractive dark purple fruit hang in clusters for easy picking. Diamond has a mild flavor and lacks bitterness as well as having a fine, creamy texture. This is the one to grow if you want eggplants in a short season.

Organic Non-GMO Seeds - Organic Diamond Eggplant

Musque de Provence Pumpkin - Gorgeous French variety also known as Fairytale. Richly colored green background and orange glow become increasingly buff when ripe. Fruits are large, often weighing 15-25 lbs, flat in shape and deeply ribbed. This edible pumpkin, often enjoyed cooked, is also traditionally eaten fresh. Cut from the middle like a wedge of cheese and slice very thinly. The flavor is exceptionally complex and sweet with a nice light crunch.

Organic Seeds - Musque de Provence Squash

Organic Sugar Pod Snow Peas

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Grow your own salad mix! Seeds can be sown as soon as the soil can be worked, and 28 days later you'll have your own home-grown salad!

Organic Non-GMO Greens - Organic Non-GMO Salad Mixes

Variety of organic seeds

High Mowing Organic Seeds - 100% Organic, Non-GMO Seeds