Socializing websites and apps of hotels, airlines, travel websites, theaters, etc. with Social Login, Social Proof and Social Seating Booking capabilities.
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Webs Small Business #DigitalMarketing and #SocialMedia Trends 2014 - #infographic #internetmarketing

Webs Small Business Digital Trends Survey shows that small businesses are going digital, becoming more social, and are motivated most by lead generation.

Six in 10 B2B Marketers Spending More on Social Media in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hoofdstuk 1 - - The 2014 Digital Dollar Shift As we enter the last 6 months of investing in digital spending is quickly becoming a priority with marketers !

{The First 3 Steps to Social Marketing Success} You’ve probably seen this common headline: “Social Media Can Work for Your Business.” That’s great and all, but there’s one major problem…Businesses who may have had plans to push themselves into this hot new realm of marketing are feeling overwhelmed. Nobody knows where to BEGIN to use social media in business. Check out three steps to success...

I definitely agree with these three steps. Social media has taken over as an important activity in everybody's life. It has been increasingly more important for businesses to incorporate social media efforts in their campaign.

Attwicted? Bird-of-mouth? Dtweet! Repeatweet? Politweet! Or a Twalker.. Find your true Twitter identity in the The Social Marketer’s Twictionary

The Social Marketer's urban Twictionary. Are you familiar with the social slang? The folks at Marketo have put together this handy “twictionary” for the average social media marketer to help you make sense of it all.