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For the Nerd in me

For the Nerd in me

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OHMYGOD, I'm imagining the PERFECT facial expressions for this!

Chris stop.

This is a man who’s following his dream…

Amy Farrah Fowler is a princess!

Funny Tumblr Posts


well that's a new perspective....


All the fandoms

Tell us your secrets, Colin…

Ron and Hermione Baby :)

10 Ways Sherlock Holmes And Sheldon Cooper Are The Exact Same Person. I've never thought of this before, but many truths!

James & Lily's Howlers

This oddly prophetic moment. | 23 "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Jokes That Are Just To Die For

23 "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Jokes That Are Just To Die For

Because no one can get his geek on like Nathan Fillion. LOVE!

Favorite Castle Scene

Well, this is just perfect!

Truth : Soul Eater 1 Friends by DRUNKENunicorn756...

Truth : Soul Eater 1 Friends by DRUNKENunicorn756 on deviantART

Soul Eater (from right to left): Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Maka Albarn, Blair, Patty Thompson, Liz Thompson. :3

Soul Eater: The Girls of Soul Eater - Minitokyo

Soul Eater ~~ Patty must drive Liz nuts. :: [ You know it's funny! by ~Ammy442 on deviantART ]

You know it's funny! by Ammy442 on deviantART

Thinking about cosplay ing as Blair for Dallas comic con.... Either her or dawn from contrast (or jace from MTG x3)

Amazingly Beautiful Fantasy Cosplay

One of my favorite anime shows :)

SE Nap time by ElementJax on deviantART

BONES, Soul Eater, Maka Albarn, Soul Evans. Love the outfits ♥

Soul Eater: Soul to Maka - Minitokyo

Soul Eater (and Spongebob Squarepants)

Soul Eater - Stein he may be good and mad but who cares it makes the show interesting

Soul Eater Black Star Tsubaki Soul Maka Patty Death the Kid and Liz Souls

Wikia Anime — Soul Eater

Excalibur! Ok... I need to get a poster of this and put it outside my door o.O

Soul Eater - Excalibur Campaign Poster by gnarlycat on deviantART

Eh, soul, why didn't you put on pants for this pic? Soul: I needed a girlfriend at the time. Me:*maka chops* THATS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!