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One of two surviving crowns of the this period. This belonged to Princess Margaret, daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.

Unfinished Head of Nefertiti. Egyptian Museum of Cairo

Unfinished Head of Nefertiti

Pit tomb of Queen Hetepheres I wife of Pharaoh Sneferu and the mother of Khufu, 4th dynasty, discovered near the satellite pyramids of the Great Pyramid of Giza in shaft G7000X. Although the sarcophagus was sealed and the canopic box were intact, Hetepheres' mummy was missing. The contents of the tomb provide us with many details of the luxury and ways of life of the Fourth dynasty of Egypt.

map of ancient Egypt

Kohl Jar Inscribed for Hatshepsut as God's Wife

Pendant. Gold, filigree ornamentation. Sigtuna, Uppland, Sweden. Viking

Gold sheet collars picture photo. Ancient Egyptian Jewels, Egyptian National Museum, Cairo, Egypt

These daggers were from within Tutankhamuns burial wrappings. The top one of made of gold and the lower, significantly rarer, made from Iron. Its pommel is made from rock crystal.

tutankhamun's bronze and iron knives 1

Parure with necklace, brooch and earrings given by Mary Queen of Scots

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Martin Schaffner | 1533 | By: learningtofly_katafalk | Via Flickr

January | 2012 | Katafalk - Cathrin Åhlén

Queen Marie, Romania

Egyptian columns

This Egyptian style grey granite mausoleum marks the grave of the Illingworth family at Undercliffe Cemetery, Bradford, West Yorkshire

"Portrait of Dorothea Curio, Daughter of Professor Celio Secondo Curio", Lucca (?). 1552


Vintage TWA Posters

La Tenture de la vie Seigneuriale” (scenes from lordly life), to the early 16th Century, approximately 1500-1520. This figure is from the tapestry known as “La Promenade” (the walk).

Promenade Gown «From Elizabeth's Needle From Elizabeth’s Needle

Diadem. 200-100 B.C., Alexandria, Egypt. Made from gold this diadem was likely worn by a noblewoman of the time.

Sumerian alabaster statue of a worshiper wearing a calf-length woolen skirt with layers of tufted borders, the hands gathered together in an attitude of devotion, with cuneiform inscriptions on the back of the base. 2500 BC

Starry ceiling from the tomb of Nefertari

Nefertari's Tomb: The Final Chamber

Tarxien - Temple in Malta, Oldest free standing structure on earth, older than the pyramids

Megalithic Temples of Malta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

At the ring fortress of “Fyrkat”, near Hobro, in Denmark. the grave of a Viking female, who may have been a seeress, has been found. The woman was dressed in fine blue and red clothes adorned with gold thread and was buried in a horse-drawn carriage and many unusual objects were found in her grave. (She wore toe rings of silver, which have not been found elsewhere in Scandinavia).

1796 Frederica of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (sister of Queen Louise of Prussia), Duchess of Cumberland & later Queen of Hanover.

Shigir Idol ~ The Idol, twice as ancient as the Egyptian Pyramids, is the oldest wooden statue in the world, estimated as having been constructed approximately 9,500 years ago, and preserved as if in a time capsule in a peat bog on the western fringe of Siberia. It's covered with symbols and pictograms and the geometrical ornament had some meaning. The difficulty of interpretation is the possible multiple related meanings. Scientists wonder if it's a lost written language or coded?

Wall "mural" of real Knightia and Diplomystus fossilized fish. On auction in Bonham's "Distinguished Fossils" sale.

Bonhams : Fossil Fish Mural

Stone marking the original site of the scaffold where Anne Boleyn and others were executed. It reads, "The following persons are known to have been executed on this spot."