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I am a marketing student in Denmark who is currently looking for a student or junior position and future opportunities.
Sebastian Schupke
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My first personal website!

My first personal website!

How to Effectively Use Remarketing to Increase Your Revenue - #infographic #advertising #marketing

Here is a infographic explaining : why you need to use Remarketing ? Quick Sprout put together this infographic on how remarketing can be used to increase revenue, and it all starts with understanding why remarketing is so important.

PEST, Macro environment Technological: -	Car air refreshments are easy to make, their cost of production are really low, and not too many assets are required for production.  -	The main new technological advancements are change in design, to fit in the car better.  -	This product has many substitutes such as house canned air refreshments, which customers can spray at any time. Other substitutes involve different technology air freshmend designed to be concealed in the car. -	Entry barriers…

Little Tree Air Freshener Assorted Scents 12 Pack

BCG Growth share matrix

A framework to help companies think about the priority (and resources) that they should give to their different businesses

Completely Automated Telephone Interview: are used to collect information and gain feedback via the telephone and the internet. Automated surveys are used for customer research purposes by call centres for customer relationship management and performance management purposes. Automated surveys give independent evaluation of the outsourced service from the customers themselves. In automated phone surveys, a recorded voice poses questions to respondents, who reply using their phone keypads.

Unwanted telephone calls have become so endemic and so bad for the blood pressure that they demand a robust counter-strategy

Survey Processing Errors:  Definition - A processing error is the error in final survey results arising from the faulty implementation of correctly planned implementation methods.  What does it mean? - Processing errors include all post-collection operations, as well as the printing of questionnaires.  Example Processing errors may include errors of transcription, errors of coding, errors of data entry and errors of arithmetic in tabulation.

A processing error is the error in final survey results arising from the faulty implementation of correctly planned implementation methods.

3/3 - Advantages X Disadvantages of Qualitative research

- Advantages X Disadvantages of Qualitative research

1/2 - Types of Qualitative research

- Types of Qualitative research

Does Apple Use Market Research? Phil Schiller's statement...

The American Marketing Association was established in 1937 by visionaries in marketing and academia. Today, the AMA has grown to be one of the largest marketing associations in the world.

Ad-hoc research - survey. Part 2/2.

Ad-hoc research - survey.