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Top 38 Grocery Hacks to save time and money! How to tell if meat is done.

A quick trick to test the doneness of your beef. The fleshy part of your palm mimics the tenderness of your beef. For example, if you like your steak rare, your beef should be as soft as your palm while it's wide open and relaxed.

4 | 4 Tips On Staying Creative From Noma Star Chef Rene Redzepi | Co.Design | business + design

Name: A Salad of Blackberries and Beetroot — Tips On Staying Creative From Noma Star Chef Rene Redzepi" by Carry Dunne, Fast.Co Design (Retrieved: 26 June,

Universe Tattoo

Incredible and shocking space tattoo designs to astound you. Enjoy over 44 awesome space tattoos and science fiction body art ideas. (SEE SPACE TATTOOS)

celtic knotwork & design "tutorial 1" : beautifully laid out resource {Andrew Davis / Dweran, deviantART}

Celtic Tutorial 1 by Dweran on DeviantArt - Celtic Knots inspiration mandala zentangle