One night. I walking alone. by Sergio Miguelez, via I need THIS little girl in a scary movie please

Creepy Child.

John understood science he was not a stupid man, there was times he was amazing what he came up with then there was times he made your skin crawl.

Bloody mess

Below all my flesh, though you wouldn't have guessed, but believe me theres very much more.For you've but no idea, what lies deep, and whats truly in store. " for more poetry please feel free to visit my boards".

LOVE this one!!! Chains....tongue, Crazy awesome zombie!!!!

Feng Studios Zombie ~ I like the chain on the zombie, this would make an awesome pneumatic prop with the chain making noise and flailing around, lunging at the TOT's

Greek Mythology. Medusa was beheaded by Perseus, who used her head as a weapon until he gave it to Greek Goddess Athina to place on her shield.

Daren Horley is a digital illustrator and concept artist based in the UK, he's worked on some incredible movie projects including The Dark Knight, Superman Returns.

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fuckyeahbloodychicks: “. ”