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Wow,looks like a Puerto Rican betta!Live Betta Fish IMPORTED Super RARE HAWK ROSETAIL Over-Halfmoon Male

Finding the best betta fish food can be confusing to a new owner as it comes in many different forms.

Metallic half moon

The source to this picture claims it to be a green mustard gas but it is not. This is an over halfmoon rosetail metallic dragon butterfly with a hint if crowntail in the line.

Breathtaking color! Beautiful find too

Bettas for sale. My betta fish store sells all types of beautiful betta fish such as halfmoon betta, crowntail betta, halfmoon plakat (hmpk) and double tail betta. Enjoy shopping and buy betta fish online here.

Male Betta - Red, White & Blue

Happy Fourth of July from Rocky Mountain WaterScape! Male Betta - Red, White & Blue I want