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    The Sebastian Library
    The Sebastian Library

    The Sebastian Library

    Where Minds Meet

    9:30 am today - early birds brave the cold to get first dibs at the Friends Book Sale -

    Pelican Pointe Umbrella homeowners group pays close attention to a Sheriff's Department presentation in our meeting room this morning -

    Cheryl's retiring today - after 27 years of faithful cataloging - she's sad because she's leaving behind the many pens that have somehow come her way -

    In our meeting room, Melinda of United Health explains their Medicare plan.

    Summer at the Library!

    The kids are having a little post-Storytime creative activity.

    Trash - before you recycle it, let the kids reuse it! Cardboard + plastic + imagination = Art!

    Pointe West residents discuss clubhouse renovations at the Library today.

    Preschoolers and parents both got involved in abstract art this morning -

    Movie Marathon all day today in the Storytime Room!

    Now having their annual holiday banquet in our meeting room - the Craft Club of Sebastian -

    "A little higher on the right, Bob," says Kathleen as they set up the Art Club's Christmas display -

    Most of these kids from Fellsmere are visiting the Library for the first time.

    SRO crowd hears Rick Smith talk about his father Patrick, author of "A Land Remembered" -

    "He says they're weeds!" George's dream of having an exotic species in his yard is deflated by Master Gardener Tom.

    130 kids & parents made "cars" for the Library Drive-In Movie last Tuesday -

    Mom's getting Madison her first library card!

    Katy's a home schooling teacher getting ready to use a study room.

    Even in this day of touchscreens, people do take home print books - thousands of 'em!

    "The weather balloon gets bigger as it goes up, and it pops!" says William Ulrich of NOAA -

    Kristen helps Zack with his reading skills.

    "No blobs," coordinator Patti told the kids, as they shifted their tangram shapes around in today's science program -

    John's our newest staff member - a literature expert who puts it to use answering questions at the Reference Desk -

    Magician Todd Kay does a rope trick - balances a plate on a stick on his nose - the crowd cheers!

    Today's science adventure at the Library - non-Newtonian fluids with inconstant viscosity! Is it fluid - or solid?

    OK kids - find the sharks' teeth! Fred Mazza of Paleo Discoveries has their full attention.

    Kids race around from planet to planet in our meeting room turned into a make believe solar system!

    Katie Adams' "Animals of the Amazon Rain Forest" show was a big hit today!

    "Why do you see lightning before you hear the thunder?" Reactory Factory holds the kids spellbound.

    Patti sets the kids in motion at today's Youth Fitness program!

    Naomi, Roscoe and Chando - jus' relaxin' at the Library.

    Grace, John and Roy discuss the best way to hang the paintings for the new Sebastian Art Club exhibit.

    It's Touch 'n' Taste at Toddler Time today!

    Fizz - Boom - Read! Dalysa's summer reading program is up and running!

    Asaya improves her reading skills, carefully pronouncing all the words in the game instructions with Megan's help.

    The kids are having a little post-Storytime creative activity.

    Waiting for the Library to open, Celeste and Sergio keep in touch with their friends.