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    The Sebastian Library
    The Sebastian Library
    The Sebastian Library

    The Sebastian Library

    Where Minds Meet

    9:30 am today - early birds brave the cold to get first dibs at the Friends Book Sale -

    Pelican Pointe Umbrella homeowners group pays close attention to a Sheriff's Department presentation in our meeting room this morning -

    Cheryl's retiring today - after 27 years of faithful cataloging - she's sad because she's leaving behind the many pens that have somehow come her way -

    In our meeting room, Melinda of United Health explains their Medicare plan.

    Summer at the Library!

    The kids are having a little post-Storytime creative activity.

    Trash - before you recycle it, let the kids reuse it! Cardboard + plastic + imagination = Art!

    Pointe West residents discuss clubhouse renovations at the Library today.

    Preschoolers and parents both got involved in abstract art this morning -

    Movie Marathon all day today in the Storytime Room!

    Now having their annual holiday banquet in our meeting room - the Craft Club of Sebastian -

    "A little higher on the right, Bob," says Kathleen as they set up the Art Club's Christmas display -

    Most of these kids from Fellsmere are visiting the Library for the first time.

    SRO crowd hears Rick Smith talk about his father Patrick, author of "A Land Remembered" -

    "He says they're weeds!" George's dream of having an exotic species in his yard is deflated by Master Gardener Tom.

    130 kids & parents made "cars" for the Library Drive-In Movie last Tuesday -

    Mom's getting Madison her first library card!

    Katy's a home schooling teacher getting ready to use a study room.