Patti (also muse to Ann Demeulemeester) said, "My style says 'Look at me, don't look at me.'" photo by Gerard Malanga

aesthetic goals Patti Smith in Subway — Gerard Malanga, 1971 Street/Lexington Ave, subway station, New York City)

patti smith

Patti Smith, Radio Ethiopia Favorite photo of my favorite artist.

Georgia O’Keefe sketching in Glen Canyon, 1961

mpdrolet: Georgia O’Keefe sketching in Glen Canyon, 1961 Todd Webb

Nina Simone.

"Young Black &Gold" a record inspired by dropping within days. Ep on deck.artwork composed by Adam Hernandez

Bill Cunningham

suddenfabulosity: Fashion Photographer & Designer Bill Cunningham Bill, you look wonderful. A man who loves his job - then & now


On Moondog -- the giant blind homeless Viking now recognised as one of the most-talented and under-appreciated musicians of the century