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    Madeira - Mountains

    Madeira, an island that rises about 6 km from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, reaching, even surpassing the clouds. Therefore Madeira has two surfaces, namely one above the sea and below the clouds .... and the other one above the clouds. This board is dedicated to the second territory ... that is surrounded by a white ocean and covered by a blue sky with one big yellow light (the sun).

    Madeira - Mountains

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    Pico do Areeiro to Pico Ruivo, #Madeira

    Madeira off-road jeep safari tours by Mountain Expedition, via Flickr

    Madeira mountains by Olga Land, via 500px

    Madeira by matthias_oberlausitz

    Madeira by jori makinen

    Pico de Arieo, Madeira

    Madeira - Lombo do Moleiro

    Madeira Sunrise taken from the high plains of Paúl da Serra.

    There is more wind above the clouds

    Sunrise at Paúl da Serra (Photo by Don Amaro)

    Meia Legua, Ribeira Brava (tags: #madeira #photography #travel #madex #donamaro)

    Meia Legua, Ribeira Brava (tags: #madeira #photography #travel #madex #donamaro)

    Pico do Areeiro. 2nd highest mountain of #Madeira. Above the clouds in the Atlantic ocean. More about Madeira

    A view to kill ... Pico Ruivo Madeira

    Breathtaking Madeira. #madeira #secretmadeira

    Rainbow at Balcões (Photo by Alan)

    A moment to contemplate the world as it is. Do it before the day comes that you leave it. Forget the human problems ... and look around. What do you see? You see everything except problems. Photo by Mr. Enjoy. #madeira #secretmadeira

    Balcões viewpoint. Ribeiro Frio. Photo by Don Amaro. #madeira #donamaro #madex

    Mountain range on the island of Madeira. Photo by Dirk Wüstenhagen. #madeira #secretmadeira

    Balcony near Pico do Areeiro. #madeira #secretmadeira

    Pico do Areeiro - Pico Ruivo. #madeira #secretmadeira