chinese face map (other reflexology charts)

Face Map: They say beauty is only skin deep, but is this really the case? Or does external beauty stem from our internal health? What if our breakouts & our face is telling us more than we think? What if our face is the map into our body


Acupressure points for the hands. very interesting! I've had reflexology on my hands and feet, it's amazing how it feels when it's done to heal.

The endless benefits of massage

Wellness Massage is part of all healthy helpful cultures. I feel confident asking for and receiving massage. I enjoy paying for massage. I enjoy exchanging massage with someone I love. I love massage.


CHAKRAS / An ancient philosophy / now a hot trend / Balance your body and mind using an ancient Eastern wellness belief based on seven energy centers that govern all your organs and work together as one system yet independently.


Sex, Love & Liberation: The Seven Chakras. Notice how your root & sacrum chakra are "I am" & "I feel." Honor who you are. Honor how you feel.


The essence of meditation is to simply observe what is, without judgment or labeling of any kind. However, the benefits of a regular practice include: peac