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    Security Affairs

    Security Affairs

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    Blackenergy Figure_1_config_example

    BlackEnergy infected also Ukrainian Mining and Railway Systems

    cracka tweet James Clapper CIA

    UK police arrested teenage hacker who allegedly hacked CIA and FBI officials

    FBI director-James-Comey-img-103113 encryption Going Dark

    The FBI requests $38 Million to counter the threat of Going Dark

    troels Oerting CISO

    Interview with Troels Oerting on cybersecurity in modern organizations

    isis chemical weapons

    US Intelligence confirms the ISIS used chemical weapons

    IRS Statement on E-filing PIN

    Once again identity thieves use stolen SSNs in IRS attack

    Sap system vulnerabilities Feb 2016

    SAP fixed a flaw in xMII that could open the door to nation-state hackers

    carbanak 2 0 Comix-Hack-First by Kaspersky METEL

    Russian Metel group manipulated ruble-dollar exchange rate with malware

    Facebook hacking tool 2

    Are you searching for a Facebook Hacking Tool? Be careful!

    Carbanak 2

    Carbanak cybergang is back and it is not alone

    Oracle issued an out-of-box emergency patch for Java platform running on Windows machines that fixes the critical vulnerability coded as CVE-2016-0603.

    CVE-2016-0603 – Oracle Issues out-of-box Java emergency patch for Windows

    Alibaba Taobao 2

    Reuse of login credentials put more than 20M Alibaba accounts at risk

    Dyre banking trojan

    Dyre crackdown, the biggest effort to date by Russian authorities against cybercrime

    How to thwart the passcode lock screen on iOS 8 and 9? - Security AffairsSecurity Affairs

    Apple iOS v8.x & v9.x - (Application Update Loop Session) Pass Code Auth Bypass Vulnerability

    Assange US decision 2

    The UN panel rules Julian Assange is in arbitrary detention

    Wordpress spike payload teslacrypt

    Emergency. Hundreds of compromised WordPress sites serve TeslaCrypt ransomware

    NSW Government Department of Resources and Energy Chinese HACKERS

    Australian NSW Government Department of Resources and Energy under attack. Is it Chinese cyber espionage?

    Netgear ProSAFE NMS300 Management System

    Do you have a Netgear ProSAFE NMS300? Here you are the exploit to hack it

    malwarebytes anti-malware

    Malwarebytes hardly working to fix flaws in its antivirus

    Afaaq Electronic Foundation AEF

    ISIS’s Afaaq Electronic Foundation (AEF) spreads awareness on anti-surveillance tools


    Former DoE worker was hacking to steal nuclear secrets and resell them

    europol rob wainwright

    Europol, a new move against terrorism and money laundering

    Chromodo comodo Browser

    Comodo Chromodo Secure Internet Browser exposes you at risks

    F35 US Defence compliance

    Cybersecurity Operational Tests And Assessments – US Defence can’t check F-35 data due to insecure systems

    ebay flaw

    A severe vulnerability affects eBay, be careful to phishing attacks