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Arrow and Speedy/Arsenal (not sure which one they're going to call Roy).

I can't believe I actually have a realistic superhero show in my generation. Specially a sidekick too. This is just an awesome thing

Arrow Season 2 watch the Arrow season for free

Roy and Diggle are such Olicity shippers #OTP i ship it so HARD!

Well, we all knew Digg 'ships Oliver and Felicity, but now we know Roy does too.

Slade Wilson aka DEATHSTROKE the Terminator #DCcomics

Deathstroke looking like Deathstroke

The "Arrow" poster features Stephen Amell, who we're pretty sure wasn't born, but was actually designed in a laboratory specifically to play the role of the Green Arrow, Oliver Queen. Normal humans just don't have abs like that.

The CW has released a new poster for it’s upcoming Arrow TV series, based on DC Comics’ classic Green Arrow character, featuring a shirtless Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen.

Arrow TV Show Poster Kneeling STephen Amell #StephenAmell #Arrow $9.84

Stephen Amell (Arrow, Oliver) My inner fangirl is drooling a little.

Roy needs to learn the rules now that #Olicity is dating! :))

Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak and Roy Harper

OMG I SCROLLED THEN I SAW THIS! A must post on pintrest Arrow - Oliver & Felicity

must post on pintrest Arrow - Oliver & Felicity

Merlyn "The Dark Archer" Concept Art by Andy Poon.

Merlyn "The Dark Archer" Concept Art by Andy Poon.

awww looking back i wish things had gone differently for roy...hes such a good person at heart and i think hell finallllly get the chance to show it...

Thanks to Oliver, Roy is very good at slapping water