DIY lattice pie crust via elephantine

Lattice Crust step by step // Elephantine: how to make a lattice pie // cc: Zmuda

#screws and #nuts

A black and white photo of a bunch of bolts. The random assortment of sizes, and angles creating different reflections keep it interesting.

mini pumpkin pies

Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe NO evaporated milk. Simple and organic recipe. I chose this because the kids will love the mini pies along with the adults.

collection d'anciennes bobines

Sewing - Spools by Mike Savad Old Sewing Spools.mine came from and old taylor who closed his shop many moons ago.he found them in New Jersey at the textile factory.

Masai Warriors

jump - for your love -that's their tribal sport. They jump higher then their own heads!