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This blog is about the things I like in life. The things you'll find on my blog are: McFly, Robert Pattinson, Nature, Disney, Food, London, Once Upon A Time, Nashville,TV series, Kids, Weddings, Interior Designs and Lifescout Badges

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Patterns on sweaters make them more personal. Its not just a color now its the shapes and placements of designs on top of the original design (sweater) that make it more personal. This sweater has a cool color to it making it more suitable for winter.

A Change of Perspective

A Change of Perspective I think we take socks for granted They are always there when we are feeling lonely or sad, or freezing in the snow. Socks are our best friends, they listen. If you appreciate arts and crafts a person will really like our info!

We're always talking about what it is we want our country to become, about how we can save ourselves as a people....But maybe the answer is not somewhere in the future distance; maybe the answer is one we already had, and somehow threw away.

Although I’d love to brag about the fact that I live in California and no longer have to deal with east coast winters, I’ll try my best not to. I know just how miserable winter can be, … Advice from a Twenty Something waysify

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Cold- this photo is cold because it is snowing and the warm light of the sun is covered by gray clouds. Elements in this photo include leading lines, closed composition, portrait, shutter speed and depth of field.

My name is Hannah old artist redhead, wood nymph, cat momma and all around animal lover. I post things relevant to myself and my likes. I do not claim these photos as my own unless stated otherwise.

I remember the night. We were both sitting in front of the fire. We were just watching the flames burning low.Trinking our tea and telling each other story's of the lives we had hundreds of years ago. And you know what? I miss our little talks.

I would describe this blog as "country" but with a lot of related things. However, as I have learned after being on tumblr for some time now, the subjects you post is always changing. I don't follow nudity or anti Christ images or words. Also, I don't...

I sat down and made a list of things I know. I made a list of things I know right in this moment, to see if they were enough to keep me moving forward. There were nineteen bullet points on that list. I had to ask myself if that was that enough to make me…

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