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Tags:     ">_<" "beverage" "blush" "brown hair" "green eyes" "happy" "neko" "odango" "pajama" "ribbon" "short hair"  Artist:     "Kurage (pixiv2964110)"
Sorry the pins have been lacking lately, guys. After hitting 100, I wanted to do something special for you all, but work's kept me too busy, and I've been using up my free time looking for a private classical guitar instructor. So along that note, have some guitar!
Can someone edit this to have a blue top,make the pink flower on the necklace grey the eyes grey,and the hair dark brown with read and blonde in it? Thank you of you can do this!!
anime girl, This remindes me of the game "Knock Knock"
Update: 1. This is my new rp charecter. 2.My formations tomarrow 3.I changed my username to Soyoutaggedme
Anime girl , Artist: Coffee Kizoku ( http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=92448 )
Hope you don't mind if i use dis :P
cute anime girl! follow me if you like this and want to see some more!
?? Clothing  Tall stockings with shorts and skirts are an awesome look that is seen frequently in anime but rarely in RL.  When adapting an anime outfit for RL stockings are a good replacement for tall boots, because thigh high boots just give the wrong impression unless your cosplaying.  This look is especially nice with a long jacket on.
I love her hair! /////// www.moiselias.com! This is classic manga piggy tales! Aren't they beautiful!