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Елена Иванова

Елена Иванова
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The logic and practice of geometry inspires my designs as well as my personal introspection. From the structure of the milky way to a snail's spiral s

Long Necklace Lariat Necklace Statement by danielapalatnik on Etsy

This lovely necklace to be wear in any occasion elegant and wearable. A classic statement necklace, match with any look style.

Mother of pearl pendant Sun and Moon -:- AMALTHEE -:- n° 3130

Mother of pearl pendant Sun and Moon. Soli-Lunar necklace : brass African Baule sun bead, small Javanese glass beads, blue waxed cotton threads , thin hand cut mother of pearl moon pendants (diam.

Adjustable Necklace,Handmade statement necklace, semi precious stones Agate, Unique Piece. Info and price: dendesign@live.com

Modern Fashion Jewelry handmade in Switzerland by DenDesignjewels


Ebony Plastron necklace Necklace: ebony with baroque trimmings, linen string and ethnic bone beads.