Before ι Dιe

That has always been my "best date idea", in the bed of his truck have a "supper picnic" and then bring a blanket, and a pillow! Stare at the stars and talk! My kind of romantic.

party on a cruise ship. Well, maybe just go on a cruise, I might be too old to party by then.

Fun mom.

I have done swimming in the rain with kids. It was fun. Dancing or running in the rain with kids! I already hear kids laughing & giggling.

summer bucket list :-)

Tuesday Ten: Summer Bucket List

how to wear the black and white trend for spring Chloe Bikini Bottom Tuesday Ten: Summer Bucket List cute way to wear leopard for fall

before I die..

I would love for this to be a "Family Affair"! Everyone in my family loves Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream"! bucket list: try every ben & jerry's ice cream flavor