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    Equipment-Free Workouts

    Forget the gym. You can do these exercises in a hotel room, office or in front of the TV (not like we do that or anything). There’s no need for free weights or fancy machines when you can work up a sweat using only your own bodyweight, right in your own home.

    Equipment-Free Workouts

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    Lack of a gym membership is no longer an excuse for skipping workouts. Instead of relying on equipment, let your body be the gym. These 13 bodyweight workouts are effective, easy to follow, and plenty of fun like this Total-Body Tabata

    The moves in this no-equipment workout have a few things in common: they're basic, functional, and scalable as your level of fitness improves

    No matter if you set the treadmill at 6 or at a 10, getting speedier as a runner should be a goal of yours. After all, who doesn't want to beat their personal best and burn more calories in the process?

    This move requires no weight, so you can really do it anywhere or anytime.

    Here are 20 appetite-suppressing foods that keep you feeling full!

    Move through this effective circuit two to three times for a complete workout, and help tone your belly before the holidays hit.

    Pilates is good for everything. It strengthens your muscles, challenges your balance, improves your posture, and increases your flexibility. But Pilates is particularly amazing at working your core.

    This exercise works the lower body and the core and is a great form of cardio. Learn how to do the complete move below.

    Start with 10 to 15 reps for each exercise, adding extra sets as you become stronger.

    TRX moves you can do at home.

    No equipment, no problem! Try our 20-minute workout you can do at home!

    These bodyweight moves work your biceps, triceps, and deltoids — and there's an added bonus: many of these exercises work much more than your arms.

    Strength training moves to improve your run

    Turn any park bench into a DIY gym with this five-move, full-body strength routine.

    Do this bodyweight workout anywhere! And it works your entire body from every angle.

    These 13 bodyweight workouts are effective, easy to follow, and plenty of fun! You can do these in the comfort of your living room!

    Effective, easy-to-follow, and plenty of fun!

    These 25 bodyweight exercises prove that all you really need to get a good workout is yourself. Get moving because now you really don't have any excuses!

    Love CrossFit? You're going to love this HIIT workout:

    Fire up your core for a flat belly! This is a great full-body workout that targets the abs and back.

    This quick core challenge works your abs from all angles and targets the back and glutes, too. Get ready to feel the burn in your core, which we think is a great thing.

    Using bands, weights, or equipment can definitely help your cause, but working your back at home is possible with these easy-to-follow no-equipment moves.

    If you've ever thought that you couldn't get into shape because you don't have the time, equipment, or money for a gym membership, then Tabata should be on your radar.

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