Tammy Wilson Fondren

Tammy Wilson Fondren

Tammy Wilson Fondren
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You don't have to tolerate tantrums from your toddler. This free email series offers tips and tactics to help you stop tantrums in their tracks.

I just completed the Boys Town Toddler Email Series and found it so helpful!

Helps to focus and calm the mind during meditation and times of stress.

Crystals for Bi-Polar. Top Recommended Crystals: Lepidolite, Kunzite, or Charoite. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Larimar or Peridot. Bi-Polarism is associated with the Third Eye chakra.

5 must-have crystals for empaths

If you’re a highly sensitive being, you may know all too well how easy it is to absorb the energies of environments and people. While being this intuitive has its[.] If you like this sort of thing that is ?