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17 Harry Potter Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Voldemort asks for advice and treats him like a god when he kills Harry(Not in real movie) . Voldemort has now reminded me of Doge.

Sorry Harry but that's an amazing comeback on Voldemorts part

Voldemort vs Harry Potter

harry and Voldemort yo mama jokes is just to funny, not quite sure why but I can't stop laughing<<<<wrong form of to, support to be too

Voldemort's getting jealous

I whip my hair Harry Potter humor funny Lucius Malfoy Bellatrix Lestrange Lord Voldemort memes - Peg It Board

this made me laugh

"Hey, I just met you and this is crazy. But your sister just died so here's her baby." - Here's her baby by Carly Rae Dumbledore

If you're going to be a spoiled little bitch, do it the Malfoy way!

Sit down…

Joffrey from Game of Thrones and Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. This made me laugh harder than it should have.

Last Friday night...

last friday night by katy perry harry potter style :) Sing it and it will make sense

Ya know.... Ckeptism makes sense in this part. But who wouldn't listen to Molly Weasley?

Hey, Everyone lets just run into a brick wall form some woman that we just meet on the platform what do you day people. later " What happen" "oh you poor thing run into the brick wall"

Dumbledore - Screwing Slytherin Since 1997

Dumbledore: Screwing Slytherin since 1997 <---I would like to point out that technically book one takes place in So. Screwing Slytherin since

Ron Weasley

Clearly a black car in the perfect spot near the white car, but still awesome.

Image result for when people say they don't like harry potter

Those three words that will end amy conversation and any friendship instantly

You are what you eat....BAHAHAHA!

funny harry potter unicorn you are what you eat (in book 1 when voldemort drank the unicorn blood!) OMG SO FUNNY