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Johan Åkerström

Johan Åkerström
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Starscream & Hutch Detective Agency

red-lipstick: “Devin-Francisco aka Devin Lee Francisco (USA) - The Astronaut, 2013 Drawings: Ink, Watercolors, +PS ”

dance of death - Google Search

Der Tod als Erwürger by Alfred Rethel. The Danse Macabre seems to be a theme of the month given recent postings at BibliOdyssey, Wurzletod and 50 Watts. In addition to posting examples, Bibl.

Mi-go Fungi from Yuggoth surgically removing human brain

As I've mentioned before, the thing that keeps me hooked on Lovecraft is actually not his stories (as I've read them all now), but their pot.

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Country Balls Greece EU

The Greek economy had issues long before the debt crisis. It was already weak and vulnerable to collapse as a result of the years of poor governance, budget management and tax evasion.