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Books will get you wherever you need to go

THE GO-BETWEEN © Soizick MEISTER (Artist, Canada). Reader with book sprinting across a bridge made of books linking two snowy mountain peaks. I want to re-title this 'Book Crossing.' Run, Reader, Run!

Leseschiff by Henriette Sauvant - "There is no frigate like a book....."

While I was on the topic of Pirates and ships and books.the mind wanders! Leseschiff 2005 (The Reading Ship) by Henriette Sauvant (Artist, Germany). Read soar to the heights!

THIS WOULD BE PERFECT FOR A TATTOO!!!! You take it like its a book partially open and you put the world it holds within between that open space

Like this but like a book opening up~ with moon phases instead of planets. snow flake at the bottom and three peaks for sunpeaks.

Some Of The Most Original Tattoos You're Ever Likely To See

Influenced by the likes of Gustav Klimt and Picasso's cubism period, German tattooist Peter Aurisch is certainly making a name for himself in Berlin's thrivi.