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    New Brand Image Match Game on WinWord

    No 85: VINTAGE HARLEY DAVIDSON "F-HEAD" V TWIN ENGINE (1917) | by Gordon Calder

    Acupuncture points on the ear are effectively used to treat illness. In 1957, Dr. Nogier  developed a map of the ear based upon the inverted fetus concept, when he observed the occurrence of scars on the ears of a patient who were successfully treated for sciatic pain by French lay practitioners.  Auricular acupuncture is a treatment system based on normalizing the body's pain and dysfunction through stimulation of points on the ear.

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    Custom ... Nice mix of old and new on this with the leather solo saddle and tool roll with carbon fiber rear fender ...

    Push that part,where u feel pain,for 3 minutes

    | 1947 Harley Davidson WL45 Classic Motorcycle pk

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    NO 15: Iron Pit / Frank van Geffen Panhead MOTORCYCLE Engine by Gordon Calder, via Flickr

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