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    A conversation with Emma Williams, Bing's lead designer and Executive General Manager.

    Quite possibly the best Bing SERP ever? Quite possibly, yes! #SuperBowl

    It's official. The Kardashians have taken over the world. (Internet) #Kimkardashian #kardashians #celebrities #entertainment #search #bing

    You can look up the meaning of emoji characters or do searches using them alone or in combination with words #bing #microsoft #emoji #texting

    Bing Maps now has over a 100 cities that support Streetside imagery available across America. #Bing #Maps #Search #Geography #World #BingMaps

    A major datacenter project at Microsoft could lead to faster and more relevant search results on the company’s 5-year-old search engine, Bing. #Bing #Search #Microsoft

    Other Bing Maps updates include new landmark icons, with a broader selection of culturally-accurate symbols to define a location, and the removal of duplicate public transit icons for its US maps. #Bing #Maps #Search

    Bing Updates iPhone App With New Search Widget, Bookmarks Manager & Shake Feature #Tech #iPhone

    Bing Posts Its Most Popular Searches For 2013, Naming Beyonce The Most Searched Person Of The Year #Beyonce

    Bing Officially Shuts Down Bing Shopping #onlineshopping #bing #search

    Bing makes some notable changes to their iPhone app in Bing 4.1 #iphone #bing #tech

    Bing celebrates World Photography Day with a Hometown Homepage Photo Contest. #photography

    Bing Pushes To Build Marketshare Through “Bing It On” For Faster Airport Wifi searchengineland....

    In a recent study on #searchengine usage and popularity, #Bing earned 8.3724 percent of the national market share, proving to be most popular in North Dakota. Bing won 14.68 percent of the searches performed in North Dakota, followed by Wyoming and Delaware where it captured 13 percent of the market, and Iowa and New Mexico with 12 percent of the market. California represented the state with the lowest Bing market share at only 5.28 percent.

    Klout Integration Pushes Human Powered Expert Answers Atop Bings Search Results searchengineland....

    Bing: More Than 50% Of Searchers Click The First Result; 75% Click On Deep Links Result searchengineland....

    The Search Agency’s Quarterly State of Paid Search, released today, shows Bing’s share of spend rose 3.6% year-over-year to 21%. The market share grab comes after four consecutive quarters of a relatively stable split between Google and Bing.

    #Bing Updates Windows 8 Apps Enhancing News, Finance, Weather, Sports, Maps & Travel searchengineland....

    #Klout Announces #Bing Integration & Begins To Filter #Instagram Data Into User Scores

    Bing is taking another leap to better understand relationships between people, places and things using an expansion of what it calls its “Satori” technology. Here's a look compared to Google's Knowledge Graph. #bing

    Bing Maps has added hi-res improvements; here's an example of cloud cover filtering over Oahu. #bing

    Read Josh Dreller's third last installment digging into Bing's Webmaster Tools, and learn about it's role in the SEO toolbox. #bing #seo

    Search engines continue to go old school, encouraging people to “tag” content in a way that makes it feel like it’s 1999 all over again. Today, Bing makes another push in that direction, making content you tag with “Bing Tags” more visibile. searchengineland....