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the cover for forever in love with new songs, featuring an image of two intertwined hearts
Spanish Class Song of the Week: Forever My Love
If you love songs of the week, you will LOVE this song. Ed Sheeran and J Balvin!! It is in the Every Song Bundle so if you already own it, be sure you get your new song! Your students will LOVE it. TPT is having a sale this Tuesday, April 5 and Wednesday, April 6. Use the code FORYOU22 to get 25% off everything at Somewhere to Share. #música #instamusic #lovethissong #sheerio #spanishteachers #spanish #teachspanish #songoftheweek #spanishteachersofinstagram #spanishclass #spanishresources #spani
an image of a building with the words meaningful outdoor activities for back to school
Meaningful Outdoor Activities for Back to School
As we transition back, it would be nice to have some meaningful ways to get them outside and allow them mask breaks. So, together with Martina Bex, Nelly Hughes, Melisa Lopez, and Kristy Placido, I want to share 10 meaningful activities that we brainstormed to get the kids outdoors without losing the flow of your lesson!
Worried about the uncertain fall? Looking to add more social justice, world issues, and high quality input to your classroom. Carrie at Somewhere to Share has updated her input based syllabi at levels 1-4. With the TPT sale on August 4-5, 2020, it's the perfect time to update your plan book and take the stress out of remote learning! Newsreaders, Learning, Syllabus, New Readers, Curriculum, How To Plan, Social Justice, Spanish 1, Sequencing
Spanish 1-4 Scope and Sequence from Somewhere to Share by Carrie Toth
Worried about the uncertain fall? Looking to add more social justice, world issues, and high quality input to your classroom. Carrie at Somewhere to Share has updated her input based syllabi at levels 1-4. With the TPT sale on August 4-5, 2020, it's the perfect time to update your plan book and take the stress out of remote learning!
a poster with an image of a man's face and the words huellas on it
What is Huellas 1?
Worried about the uncertainty of the new year? Let Somewhere to Share do your planning for you! Explore Huellas 1.
a laptop with the words distance learning in upper level spanish and french
Distance Learning for Upper Level French and Spanish
Looking for ways to continue providing engaging content in manageable chunks while students can't meet with you face to face? Try these adaptations of Mar de plástico, Mer de plastique and Basura cero. All are two weeks of lessons with a free booster pack that helps you know how to digitize the materials you purchase!
there are many different colors of plastic straws on the floor with words do not forget
Mar de plástico
Now that we've gone off the grid with our students, I needed to adapt my favorite unit of the spring "Plastic Ocean" for this distance learning environment. The Booster Pack is free but to make the most of the plans, you need the original Mar de plástico unit!
the words my - learning and social distaning plans are in front of an image of
E-Learning and Social Distancing Plans (and Free Stuff)
#COVID19WL Looking for opportunities for your world language students as we face unprecedented times? Here are free resources to take your learning online! (And how I plan to use them!)
fireworks are lit up in the night sky and reflecting on water with new year's eve
JOY to the New Decade
What is your goal as you move into the new year/new decade? Mine is to focus on an undertone of Joy in my classroom!
a poster with an image of a heart and horns on it
Assessment is the Devil
Working out the assessment puzzle in world language classrooms!
a girl with her face painted to look like a cat and the words somewhere to share
Upper level Spanish classes: How do I get started?
Looking for a free AND easy way to kick off your level 3, 4, or AP Spanish classes? This is the mini-unit for you!
Stay balanced in the new school year by keeping your promises to yourself! Yoga, Religious Quotes, Meditation, Todays Verse, Childlike Faith, You Promised, Money Affirmations, Good Morning Wishes, Daily Devotional
A Promise You Can Keep
Stay balanced in the new school year by keeping your promises to yourself!
several books with the words powerful units for back to school
Powerful Units for Back to School
Make back to school planning easier with these ready-made Spanish units from Somewhere to Share by Carrie Toth!
a woman with glasses and an orange background that says, assessing the needs for students to learn
Teacher Training with Somewhere to Share
If your school is trying to incorporate content based units to teach world language, Carrie Toth with Somewhere to Share is the trainer for you! From unit design to assessment, Carrie can help your department say goodbye to the textbook curriculum and hello to engaging units focused on real-world issues!
an old suitcase with stickers on it sitting in front of the words, viaja cominoo
a pink flamingo standing in the water with its reflection on it's body
Keep Calm & Reflect On
It's time to reflect on your school year and challenge yourself to make changes for the new year! Enjoy your summer but first: #reflecton
a warning sign that reads warning graphic content
Reading in the language classroom? Are you using graphic novels? I love them for so many reasons!
the back cover of an activity book for children to learn basic spanish and other language
Talking Trash in Spanish
If you're looking to incorporate REAL WORLD language and engaging content into your classroom, the UN's Sustainable Development Goals are a great place to start. This unit, Basura cero takes a look at the zero waste movement and how our students can reduce their footprint on the environment! Read more about it here. Visit Somewhere to Share on TPT for great SDG based units!
an advertisement for the switch with a hand reaching towards a red object
New mini unit on Somewhere to Share! Get students using the future tense in context by digging into the skill of prediction!
a woman with her mouth open in front of a wall that says, grammar it's not a i and done
Grammar: It’s Not a 1 and Done!
Grammar: It’s Not a 1 and Done! – Somewhere to Share
an info poster with different things to see in the image and what they mean about it
What's in your CI Toolbox?
Looking for ways to get a ton of input and maximize the time you spend with your language students? Don't forget all of the great ways you can use language to teach language that are sitting inside your CI Toolbox!
what the neck is a mentor text?
Popular in ELA classrooms, Mentor Texts are great for World Language students as well! Find out how we are using them to polish in our Spanish 4 class!
a blue bird sitting on top of a tree branch with white and pink flowers in the background
Nature versus Nurture
what's the role of vocabulary in a classroom? - part 2
What’s the Role of Vocabulary in the CI classroom?
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two figurines are standing on top of a roof with the words subliminal grammar above them
Subliminal Grammar
there is a poster with a scuba diver in the water and words that read, things you reazie at 65 feet deep
Things You Realize at 65ft. Deep
Being a novice at something is a great reminder of how students feel when they enter our language classrooms. As they move from level to level, they gain independence but it is important to remember they still need the instructor to help them feel successful!
the words wanderlust goals are overlaid by an image of a city at night
Wanderlust Goals
Student travel is important but what do you do to feed your adult travel needs? It is a different experience seeing the world with a group of adults than with a group of students! Each with its own pros and cons!
an alarm clock sitting on top of a wooden table with the words so much ppd
How do you choose the best World Language PD for the summer?
the front and back cover of sirena for children's literature, with text on it
Song of the Week with a Lesson
Take advantage of TPT's May 8-9, 2018 Teacher appreciation sale or any time! A unit based around a movie talk of a music video is always fun!
a poster with some text on it that says, looking for something higher than the textbook?
Scope and Sequence for Levels 1-4
Sometimes all you need to take a step into new territory is a mentor text! At Wildcat Spanish, we wanted to share our scope and sequence documents so that wherever you are in your journey to teaching for proficiency, you could find some ideas to make the path easier to follow!
a row of lockers with numbered papers on them
Mar de plástico: en acción
Mar de plástico unit in action! Follow us as we learn to save the oceans!