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The Kitchnfrom The Kitchn

How to Make Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread)

Pao de quiejo

How To Make Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Added crisp bacon and used rosemary as my herb. It was really tasty. I am in LOVE with the tart crust, though. I wonder if it would be good with other types of tarts/pies? It was SUPER simple to pull it together in the food processor.

blue cheese and red potato tart | smitten kitchen

Budget Bytesfrom Budget Bytes

Greek Marinated Chicken

Delicious. Even when I accidentally bought dulce de leche Greek yogurt and had to substitute sour cream.

Greek Marinated Chicken - Budget Bytes

The best pumpkin pie - ATK recipe; use whole milk. The pureeing and cooking steps make ALL the difference.

The BEST Pumpkin Pie

Kelley and Cricketfrom Kelley and Cricket

Sticky Garlic Quinoa Noodles (An’s Famous Garlic Noodles Copycat, 15 minutes, Gluten-free)


Sticky Garlic Noodles {An’s Famous Garlic Noodles Copycat, 15 minutes, Gluten-free} - Kelley and Cricket

Serious Eatsfrom Serious Eats

Ultra-Crispy Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder

Ultra-Crispy Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder - This is seriously THE BEST. It's not bbq, but you get the same texture in the meat and you can use it in just about anything - including with bbq sauce.

Ultra-Crispy Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder

Epicuriousfrom Epicurious

White Chocolate, Cranberry, and Macadamia Nut Cookies

MAKE THESE White Chocolate, Cranberry, and Macadamia Nut Cookies

White Chocolate, Cranberry, and Macadamia Nut Cookies Recipe |

Corn, Avocado, and Cilantro


Baking A Momentfrom Baking A Moment

How to Bake (Easy! and Delicious!) Cutout Cookies with Neat Edges

These cookies worked beautifully! I softened the butter, but the dough was still easy to work with, even in my super hot East Texas kitchen. I used a bit of cornstarch to keep the dough from sticking (a trick I learned from making alfajores) and the cookies were easy to get off the counter and onto a baking sheet. I popped each sheet of cookies into the freezer for a couple of minutes because it was SO hot. They looked exactly like the cutouts when they came out of the oven after baking.

How to Bake (Easy! and Delicious!) Cutout Cookies with Neat Edges

Budget Bytesfrom Budget Bytes

Parmesan Portobello Orzo

MADE: Parmesan Portobello Orzo - Budget Bytes

Parmesan Portobello Orzo - Budget Bytes

Vintage Revivalsfrom Vintage Revivals

Swig Sugar Cookie Recipe (LITERALLY The Best Cookie Known To Man

Knockoff Swig Sugar Cookie Recipe - Vintage Revivals Really yummy. I did use almost 2 full lbs of powdered sugar and very little milk. The cookies took 10 minutes to bake, but I was using Silpats on my cookie sheets.

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Baker by Naturefrom Baker by Nature

Soft and Chewy Brown Butter Gingersnaps

These are DELICIOUS, soft with an exterior that sets up nicely. I let the sugars, butter, and liquid sit for awhile so the sugar crystals dissolve a little (a la ATK's browned butter chocolate chip cookies). I let the dough sit in the fridge for about 45 minutes, then rolled the dough balls in sugar before baking.

Soft and Chewy Brown Butter Gingersnaps - Baker by Nature

Chowhoundfrom Chowhound

Caramel Corn

Make your own extra savory #popcorn - #CaramelCorn. Get the #EasyRecipe here:

Caramel Corn Recipe -

ATK pumpkin pie

The BEST Pumpkin Pie

Serious Eatsfrom Serious Eats

How to Cook a Spatchcocked Turkey: The Fastest, Easiest Thanksgiving Turkey

I used Mark Bittman's "recipe". Cooked over a bed of celery, carrots, onions, and garlic cloves. Took 70 minutes for a 13-lb bird. Gravy was delicious made with drippings.

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Michael's Tacos with Chicken Taco Filling

These are GREAT. I cut the recipe in half and then cook the floured chicken in the onion and spice mixture. I add the broth once the chicken is mostly cooked through. I don't bother with any of the extra topping stuff and we just eat these with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream.

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Budget Bytesfrom Budget Bytes

Curried Chickpeas with Spinach

Budget Bytes Curried Chickpeas. DELICIOUS. Mine needed a bit of salt and they were actually better after a few days sitting in the fridge. I didn't get sick of these even though I ate them (over quinoa) for lunch almost every day for a week.

Curried Chickpeas with Spinach - Budget Bytes

Burp!: Better Stuffed Peppers: Filled with Quinoa & Chorizo. These were delicious. I liked the tip to parcook the peppers, even though it seemed a bit fiddly. The recipe made a LOT of filling - I'm still eating it, actually. I subbed pepper jack for the jack cheese because of my deep and unabiding love for pepper jack.

Burp!: Better Stuffed Peppers: Filled with Quinoa & Chorizo

Burp!: End of Summer Tomato Pie. This was DELICIOUS. I subbed gouda for fontina and parmesan for romano. I also used 1 tsp of dried oregano. The pie is delicious, cheesy, and perfect for any meal of the day. I accidentally put in too much gouda (I put in the whole shredded block instead of 1.5 cups), so there was some grease on top when I pulled out of the even. I soaked it up with a paper towel and was good to go.

Burp!: End of Summer Tomato Pie

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake. This is the best dessert I have EVER eaten. I've made it a few times. My only tip is to NOT grease the pan for the bottom layer. It pulls away from the edges a lot, but is easily repaired with the first mousse layer.

Triple-Chocolate Mousse Cake - America's Test Kitchen

The Deen Bros Truffle Pie - yum.

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Sour Cream Lemon Pie - delicious every time I make it.

Everyday Art: Sour Cream Lemon Pie

40-clove garlic crock pot chicken. Best. Chicken. Ever. I only had chicken breasts, so it took longer to cook. I also squeezed a big lemon in with the wine step. I licked the spoon after making the sauce, it was so good! I would've licked the pan if it wasn't still hot. --Guess I should make this.

Crock Pot Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic

I fiddled with this recipe a bit. I subbed Neufchâtel for cream cheese and Gouda for fontina. I used two cloves of garlic and doubled the salt, so I could use the whole block of Neufchâtel and can of artichoke hearts. I stirred half of the shredded Gouda into the spinach dip part. The sandwich to filling ratio was a bit tricky, but it is delish once you get it. Pepperidge Farm sourdough bread.

Burp! Recipes: Spinach Artichoke Melts

Used 1 lb. of peeled/deveined shrimp and only 2 tbsp of butter. I just ate the shrimp over the slaw instead of making tacos.

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