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The New Evangelization

The New Evangelization

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Fatima for Today, a book by Fr. Apostoli, who is coming to the Great Memphis / Mid-south area on Dec 6-7, 2013, for the Marian Conference, to be held at St. Michael's Church, on Summer Ave.

Ark. seeing surge in aspiring Catholic Church leaders

Why is there Holy Water at the door of the church?

great podcast on this blog!

A Theology of History

World Communications Day 2013 ... coming soon to a place near you!

The New Evangelization: My First Catholic Media Conference, Catholicon

Catholic Missionary Opportunities

Social Media Marketing Coach

Africa eBook Project a Great Success! | Evangelizing Catechesis

Africa eBook Project a Great Success! - Marc Cardaronella

Is Your Parish on Google Plus?... Your Church Organization?

SEO is an important part of "The New Evangelization."

midsouthcatholic.... ... The New Evangelization ... Excited to hear about the next Catholicon conference. This blog post is about my first experience at Catholicon

midsouthcatholic.... ... The New Evangelization?... just what does that mean?

The New Evangelization really isn't too new .. Pope John 23rd in the early 1960's started pushing the idea of using Social Media and "Suitable Instruments of Today." TV .. Radio .. Print ... all "mass media" prior to the Internet.

To great friends I met at a Catholic Conference, on the New Evangelization.

Catholic Media Conference .. hope to attend CNMC 2012. The movement of the New Evangelization is growing each year.

Word On Fire .. Father Barron .. great example of a movement in the Catholic Church, on the New Evangelization.

SmartPhone video of FatherZ, on the New Evangelization.

Catholic Media Conference, a great time, and fountain for information pertaining to the New Evangelization.

Google Plus .. A great place to share and encourage the promotion of the New Evangelization, of the Catholic Church.

MidsouthCatholic ... Web Development and Consulting ... encouraging Parishes of the Greater Memphis area to move forward, with strong desire, for the promotion of the New Evangelization.

Customization of your YouTube Channel, can give your new online evangelization a boost.

Using free video hosting of YouTube and other online sources, such as Ustream, is a great way tool of evangelization with new media and technology.