Dubai Emirates Airbus A380 | Insolite Day

Emirates Airbus takes to the sky at Dubai-International. was the airline's first Super Jumbo, operating its inaugural commercial flight (Dubai to New York) on August (Image: Emirates)

Thanks to James Dingell ( for snapping this photo…

British Airways Airbus on finals to a snowy Washington-Dulles International Airport

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Best Photos of the Week Part 2 (47 Photos)

sugeru1: Skyview Hovercraft by 1GrandPooBah on Flickr.

Planes, trains, ships, cars ahd other. **************************************This looks photo-shopped to me, but the design looks interesting! The best collection latest technology information

Latest Military Technology Reviews, News and Tactical Equipments @

Tomcat - By far my favorite military aircraft. Blame it on Top Gun.

"If all goes according to plan, a thunderously overpowered racing machine called will reach a straight and level speed in excess of mph and become the world’s fastest piston-driven plane. The record is held by a modified World War II—era Grumman Bearcat.

The Industrialist | F22 Raptor

Lockheed Martin Raptor - Note the Vector Paddle angle in afterburner to the angle of the Raptor. That vectored thrust enables extreme angle of attack