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I'm gonna get with when or if I marry my bf. Minus the rope and have it say I'll follow you down.

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A watercolor Orion by Sasha Unisex.

15 Enchanting Constellation Tattoos | Tattoodo

A Centaurus watercolor tattoo by Old Bastards.

15 Enchanting Constellation Tattoos | Tattoodo

Orion and watercolor nebula tattoo by Em Becker.

15 Enchanting Constellation Tattoos | Tattoodo

Night Sky Handbook: CASSIOPEIA | The constellation Cassiopeia takes its name from the Greek myth of Cassiopeia—a queen who, after defying the sea nymphs with the proclamation that her daughter Andromeda is more beautiful than them, is banished to spend eternity on a throne in the sky. Cassiopeia has five main stars and is most visible during the month of November.

Night Sky Handbook: Cassiopeia | Design*Sponge

Adria de Yzaguirre Tattoo - Cassiopeia Constellation for Cristina -

Adria de Yzaguirre Tattoo - Cassiopeia Constellation for Cristina


Gold/Large-Shalom Dove of Peace Pendant. The word Shalom is written in Hebrew in the dove's wings and tail. I own this, always wanted as a tattoo

Jewelry, Dove of Peace Pendants

This is about dahlia tattoos, dahlia tattoo images, meanings, symbolism, celebrities and more.

Dahlia Flower Tattoo ideas

~~Dahlia Ronaldo by Visionspictures~~ Perfect for a tattoo ... love these colors too

Dahlia Dahlia Sp Ronaldo Variety Flower Print By Visionspictures

Dahlia Tattoo. This would be absolutely beautiful, especially because my moms name is Dalia. :) - vintage style

Anchor Tattoos totally cute!

Anchor Tattoos - Inked Magazine

42 Anchor Silhouettes #GraphicRiver Set of 42 vector anchor illustrations, each anchor is one path. - Easy to select and edit - Files included: .eps8, .ai CS, .pdf help file. - Edit with Illustrator CS or above, Corel draw, can open with Photoshop. - Outlined title text: Avenir Black , Adobe Gramond Pro – Semi Bold Italic. Created: 4February13 GraphicsFilesIncluded: VectorEPS #AIIllustrator Layered: Yes MinimumAdobeCSVersion: CS Tags: anchor #anchorsilhouette #anchors #nautical #shipanchor #...

42 Anchor Silhouettes

Constellations.jpg (image) These would be interesting as some tattoos

Constellations.jpg (image)

Fish = good luck Eye = protection from evil Chai (center Hebrew) = "life" Emet (Hebrew in the fingers) = "truth" These are all of the elements I would want in a Hamsa tattoo.

St Joan's Hamsa by lilmoongodess on deviantART

If for some reason my anchor tattoo meaning is ruined, here's an idea: Anchors are strong and meant to be tough, but add a floral arrangement and you have what can represent a strong woman. Perhaps, perhaps.


Beautiful Anchor Tattoo

Wonderful Colored Tattoos for Fashionistas - Pretty Designs

David Hale, Love Hawk Tattoo Studio, Athens, Ga

Tattoo Ideas Central

Get his name

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Would change the flowers alittle

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Woman with Infinity Symbol and Anchor Tattoo

11 Really Awesome Infinity Symbol Tattoo Designs

The little mermaid

The little mermaid by Marion

I like constellation tattoos. I think it would be kinda cool to get the sky coordinates for the constellation instead of the actual constellation. Just for something a little different.

Constellations.jpg (image)