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Just read this!

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I got a bit annoyed with this in the first few chapters as I felt it bore more than a passing resemblence to a Star Trek (Next Gen) episode called When the Bough Breaks, which has pretty much the same story premise. However, it does get better and throws in a huge twist about half way through the book making for quite a terrifying future for the children on the ship. There is a sequel which I will look forward to reading.

Continuation of the Fifty shades of Grey theme. Not classical literature but hey! we all need a bit of light relief once in a while and great to read on the bus and in public places ;)

Continuation of the Fifty shades of Grey theme. Not classical literature but hey! we all need a bit of light relief once in a while and great to read on the bus and in public places ;)

After reading Among Others, I pulled a list of all science fiction & fantasy together that were mentioned in that book. This was one of them. True science fiction and I was looking forward to reading it. Sadly I found it dull with far too much religious overtones. I shan't be reading the other two books of the trilogy.

Detective novel investigating the murder of a child which is paralleled with the story of the investigative detective's child being knocked down by a car. Lots of twists and turns, but a little obvious in places. Would translate well into a TV programme.

I love all of Mary Wesley books and cannot imagine how I missed this the first time around. A brilliant story covering loss, heartache, love and humour. But most of all, hope. Powerful language and imagery. Highly recommended.

This is set in the middle of the 21st century and firmly sits along 1984 and Brave New World. Everyone must submit medical data and sleep records to the authorities on a monthly basis. Regular exercise is mandatory and they know when you don't. Mia is a scientist and lives in a "safe" house. But the loss of her brother, she believes wrongly accused for a crime, begins her on a subversive downward spiral. Gripping, haunting, and disturbing. Is this our future? Read it and find out!

The blurb promised so much but the book didn't quite deliver what I was expecting. Having said that, this was a great read, reliving my favourite scifi authors & books during the 70s/80s. Written in diary style during her time in boarding school, Morwenna dabbles in magic, read A LOT & loves libraries and interlibrary loans. A well read young lady, very sure of herself, just that pesky problem of a mad, witch mother, and fairies that are refusing to speak. Oh & mad aunts too. Nostalgic read

Man helps woman with bags into taxi, woman drops disposable camera, man picks up camera and embarks on quest to track woman down. What follows is the journey the main character and his friends embark on to find this woman. They develop the photos, visit the places and talk to the people in the photos. Yes, it was funny, but not laugh out loud funny, amusing in parts, cringeworthy in others. A lightweight story, no depth, a book you'd buy at the airport and leave on the sunbed.

Couldn't get into this at all. Read the blurb, read the first chapter, but kept thinking, this is going to end horribly and couldn't bring myself to finish it.

Teen dystopian novel, with striking similarity to "The Dollhouse" TV series some years back. Story of renting out your body for someone else to use. Callie is a Starter (youngsters), and rents out, for money, her body to Enders (old people). The spore wars have wiped out the human population between the ages of 20 and 60. Good read, if a little contrived in places and rushed ending.

Starters (Book) by Lissa Price (2012):

Interesting concept. Set in the future, the World is a very different place, having suffered a digital apocalype destroying online commercial trading and killing off all the business leaders. The book is in 3 parts. Part one introduces us to the main character, living in Post-apocalyptic Dorset. Small community, trading with larger towns for crops and essentials. Part 2, flashback to how the apocalypse came about. Part 3 World now under threat again with Chinese forces advancing.

Oh my! you have to question the moral stance of the story line but rollicking good read on the bus and can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy!

Title, cover, and blurb pulled me in. In reality the book is a bit of a letdown. The main character is on a quest to find out more about her dead mother. To me it seemed she was trying to recreate her mother's sleazy life, sleeping with her ex-lovers, wearing her clothes, reading her books. Found the story line a bit all over the place at times and the ending far too rushed and glossed over. Missed opportunity.

I've had this book for ages but only just picked it up to read and I wish I'd read it sooner. An incredibly moving and inspirational account of Andrea (Andy)'s own life, growing up in the 70s and 80s. Heartbreaking, sad, violent, traumatic, but also positive, funny and full of hope. Andrea recalls with such clarity and precision the minutiae of the era, my era! Everyone should read this book, truly inspiring. In fact I'm off to read it again.

A fascinating insight into the lives of East Germans who lived on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. Deeply moving at times and also strangely amusing at others. Stories that recall the petty, oppressive and vindictive regime of the Stasi. At times I felt the author didn't go into enough detail, that she skimmed the surface of the story and went into too much detail about such as the colour of the lino. At times quite patronising, but a good read nonetheless.

The final chapter in the Dollanganger series. Bart has had Foxworth Hall rebuilt and Cathy and Chris return there as custodians until Bart's 25th birthday when he gains his fortune. Unfortunately, yet again, things go wrong, dreadful accidents happen, were they deliberate, or just an accident! Bart doesn't get everything his own way and quite frankly I skipped most of it just to find out what happens in the end. Just one book too far, too farcical, too outlandish.

third in the Dollanganger series. The saga is taken up with Cathy's sons narrating the story. The past is something they can't seem to get away from and it would appear that history is repeating itself. Who is the mysterious woman who moves into the old house next door? Why does she have such a hold over Bart? Why is Bart such a monster? Still as disturbing, still as horrific, although by now I'm a bit at the incredulous stage. Surely somewhere along the line they'll all be found out!

The children have escaped and try to build new lives with a complete stranger. But psychologically all of them are damaged due to the trauma they have all endured during their encarceration. Cathy in particular is hell bent on revenge. I didn't feel this was a disturbing as the first book but a good read nonetheless.

I read this when it first came out. The series of books has been republished so it was an opportunity to read it again and finish all the books in the series. Happy family, beautiful children, all goes wrong when husband killed in car crash. The 4 children are hidden away in the attic while their mother tries to beg forgiveness from her father. Horrific, sad, with hope and love attempting to conquer all.

Raphael and his friends are dumpsite boys, sifting and sorting trash until one day he finds something. Following the clues and trying to stay out of Police scrutiny sees Raphael and his friends undertaking a number of risks. Have to say I found this irritating to read. Just can't put my finger on it but just didn't capture the imagination. The ending was also just too convenient.

Sees Eugenie Markham setting off on a quest to find the Iron Crown. A formidable weapon to help her end the war devastating her kingdom. Her two antagonists are still around and the action is still hot. Great series for pure escapism, fantasy and thrills.

Following on from Storm Born, Eugenie Markham is back and acquired lands in the Otherworld. It draws her back as does Dorian. Facing up to her duties as the Thorn Land's Queen is no easy task and then there is the question of her magical powers to address. Continues in the same humourous sexy vein Storm Born.

Eugenie Markham is a powerful shamen who banishes spirits and fey who cross into the mortal world. Just lately though lots of creatures in the Otherworld just want to "get it on" with her .... and they all know her true name. What's that all about? And then there's these two guys, Dorian, a seductive fairy king with a taste for bondage, and Kiyo, a hot, gorgeous shapeshifter. Fun, sexy, fantasy world that crosses over into the mortal world. Part of a series.

"Fifteen-year-old Marnie and her little sister Nelly have just finished burying their parents in the back garden. Only Marnie and Nelly know how they got there." Funny, sad, heartbreaking, gross. A touching tale of love lost and found in the most unlikely of places.