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    50 Incredibly Cute Baby Animal Pictures around the World



    Very important for them to live longer, and reduce pain. I had 2 dogs with back issues, and learned to make sure all pets are @ healthy weight. TIP: use puppy treats to give dog a low-calorie treat.

    Is My Pet Overweight?

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    cat and shadow

    The other Side...

    Great site with helpful info about our pets ♥

    Pet Library

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    So, what is he thinking? "Oh look, there's lunch!"

    Cute Emergency on Twitter

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    Random Pictures Of The Day - 100 Pics

    Mama Deer & Her Beautiful Baby

    don't call me betty | trem-das-cores: The Love Of A Mother


    Cats Who Simply Cannot Deny Their Affection For Dogs


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    Wow! #cats❤️

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    What if I told you...

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    What if i told you You can't catch that red dot

    What if i told you You can't catch that red dot

    If you have cats. learn to head bonk with them. It will be the private greeting between you that means "You and me, we're family". Kitties already know what it means, the trick is letting them know that we finally understand and will reciprocate.

    Oh Yeah, I Almost Forgot

    The Frog That Stops Breathing - There are a few species that do this. It's pretty amazing. One in Africa, I believe, does the same thing, but in the tropics. It buries itself in mud, then the mud dries out encasing the frog, which then "dies". Then, when it rains, the frog is rewetted, and it revives, climbing out of the mud in time to find a mate, find food, etc.

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    Funny Animal Pictures – 60 Pics.

    Funny Animal Pictures - 60 Pics

    Come on, we're late!

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    Cat Loves Baby

    Cat Loves Baby | Animals Pictures

    I LOVE dogs!!!! ♥

    When your dog is trying to tell you something…

    Bring your pets inside during the cold fall and winter times! … If you are cold, they are cold!

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    Unless, of course, they are a cannibal.

    Funny Pictures Of The Day - 43 Pics


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