Sergio Antonio Suárez Gómez

Sergio Antonio Suárez Gómez

Sergio Antonio Suárez Gómez
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These beautiful depictions of perfect beauty are shown through graphic art, paintings and sculptures. Enjoy and don't be surprised if you fantasize and fall in love.

O podría ser este?

I'm really excited for the new Zelda coming out this year, so I painted what I imagine the Forest Temple level might look like in the game Also doing a . Forest Temple - Zelda Open World

“Little Boy,” 23, a gang member of “Mara 18,” stands behind a prison cell together with other gang members in San Bartolo, east of San Salvador, El Salvador, Friday, Feb. 18, 2005.

These are gang tattoos of inmates in South America prisons. The ornately tattooed Mara Salvatrucha and the Street gang members are many.

We spoke with Wizzadaking, the young illustrator who is making big waves with his brand of streetwear and Japanese culture-influenced art.

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