Slow Carb Diet

Eating healthy doesn't mean that you can't eat well and enjoy it. Some recipes to inspire you to eat Slow Carb. If any of the recipes below call for cheese--a no-no on Slow Carb--just omit or substitute with nutritional yeast.
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Sesame-Poppy Seed Dressing

Best Dressing

Hungry Daddy Website Called-The-Best-Dressing-olive-oil-apple-cider-vinegar-honey-dijon-mustard-soy-sauce-poppy-sesame-seeds-seasoned-salt-pepper-onion-garlic.

lemon herb vinaigrette dressing with cilantro

Lemon Vinaigrette Recipe

Best Salad Dressing EVER! Lemon herb vinaigrette dressing with cilantro - great over roasted veggies or fish too!

Healthy Thai Hummus Recipe

Coconut Curry Hummus

Healthy Thai Coconut Curry Hummus Recipe ~ with coconut, jalepeno and tumeric to make it sweet & spicy, yum.

Healthy Crock-Pot Chicken Recipe

Mexican-Style Chicken

Crock-Pot Success: Protein-Rich Mexican Chicken: For a healthy, protein-rich meal that doesn't rely on dairy for flavor, try this delicious Mexican-style chicken recipe full of fresh ingredients.

Hearty Slow Cooker Beef Stew - skip the Worcestershire sauce

Hearty Slow Cooker Beef Stew - Low Carb, Paleo Note: This was ok. Should definitely cook the beef and drain the fat before putting it in the slow cooker or else its oily.

30-Minute Stir Fried Korean Beef and Toasted Sesame Noodles - replace the noodles with shiritaki, kelp, squash, or zucchini noodles; swap tamari for the soy sauce

30-Minute Stir Fried Korean Beef and Toasted Sesame Noodles

Salad in an Avocado

Tomato, Pepper, and Radish Salad in Avocado Shell

Avocado Shell Salad: No need for the oven for this refreshing dinner! This avocado shell salad has 60 percent of your recommended fiber for the day, aids in digestion, and may even diminish belly fat.

Healthy Stuffed Peppers

Italian-Style Stuffed Peppers

Pin for Later: Low-Carb Dinner Recipes You'll Want to Add to Your Rotation Italian-Style Stuffed Peppers

Absolutely Fabulous Greek/House Dressing

Greek Salad Dressing: Here are the scaled down measurements 1 cup oil 1 cup vinegar (i use 2 parts red wine vinegar and 1 part balsamic) 2 tsp garlic powder 2 tsp oregano 2 tsp basil tsp pepper tsp salt tsp onion powder tsp mustard

Healthy Avocado Popsicles

Avocado and Green Tea Popsicles

Avocado Green Tea Popsicle Skip the afternoon cup of coffee, and refresh with a green tea popsicle. Greek yogurt and avocado combine for the creamy base, while antioxidant-rich matcha green tea powder provides a caffeinated kick.

Healthy Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

Spicy Sweet Potato Salad

High in fiber, this easily portable sweet potato salad can regulate blood sugar and help you lose weight. A spicy antioxidant-rich red pepper and jalapeño dressing ties everything together deliciously.

Cabbage Detox Salad

Cabbage Hemp Salad

A Refreshing Detox Salad You'll Crave All Summer. If you're on the hunt for a quick and tasty detoxifying recipe, this crunchy cabbage and hemp salad.

Ginger-Carrot Soup

Ginger-Carrot Soup

Detox Deliciously: Ginger-Carrot Soup: You may be surprised to learn that it's celebrity chef Guy Fieri who created this perfect bowl of soup fit for a delicious detox.

Sweet Potato Topping Ideas

10 Tasty Ways to Make Sweet Potatoes a Weight-Loss Dinner

Enjoy this delicious Baked Sweet Potatoes Recipe in your dinner or lunch. This is a healthy complete vegetarian recipe. Weight watchers can have this delicious baked sweet potato recipe, for lunch or dinner along with a healthy soup to complete the meal.