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These turned out kind of perfect! #Cheese Rolls: Irish Chedder, Parsley w/ sautéed onion & sage. #cooking #baking #whatsfordinner #damask

I still can't believe my mommy got me this beautiful #damask dinnerware set. I enjoy it so much everyday!

Christmas dinner!! That beautiful #damask dinnerware set was my #xmas gift!!! How lucky am I!!!!

Serina Droid, Christmas dinner!! That beautiful #damask...

My mom accidentally grew this onion in her kitchen window.. so she gave it to me.. I want to grow it into a flourishing onion plant but I have no idea how to go about it.

ahh that coffee table!! /drool

I wish all the furniture in my house was this style...

Even though this lamp shade took over a month to be delivered, I still wish I'd bought like 10 or something.

These are still the coolest coasters I've ever owned.

My friend Bree Cooper painted this :D

Damask all the things!! I'll never stop!!!

I can't wait to smoke meat again! In unrelated news I LOVE my #damask tablecloth!

Got this at the craft store super discounted right before Halloween. The thing was regularly $30 ahaha no.

This was my great great grandmothers table from the 1920's :'D

  • Paranormal PI
    Paranormal PI

    Reminds me of seance tables, way cool. =)

  • Serina_

    I love it so much. It is so close to my heart.

I'd really like to have this table cloth... and the big dining room table I don't have to put it on.

Damask Reusable Snack Sandwich Bag Baggie with water resistant lining! Do want!

"Flocked Taffeta Fabric Silver & Black #Damask" I just bought 2 yards.. omg I can't wait for it to get here!

I'd like this is silver and black please.

stamped towels

The walls by my computer :)

Add this to the long list of damask things I want really bad :D

Why is everything I want horrifically over priced? This is why I have to get crafty around here.

  • Alan Eisenberg
    Alan Eisenberg

    Good taste perhaps.

I do not have words for how badly I want this in my life.

4'x8' foam insulation boards from Home Depot covered in damask fabric = gorgeous DIY upholstered wall hangings.