assemblage boxes -mano k. art boxes, this is an awesome idea for a collection - this can lower the pressure people feel to make something perfect when they know they have multiple chances.

Shadow box art: Do a bird nest in the twig tree with eggs

Teen Read Week or Read Across America Contest Idea. Have students create diorama for favorite book. For final summative book or film.

paper art

Papercuts by Joe, hand cut paper art. Check out this artist on Etsy, it is amazing. I can't believe it is all hand cut.

cut paper

Lovely paper illustration by Claire Mojher. Also Chinese cut paper art for more inspiration.

shadow box book

Shadow-box book- not sure I've the heart to do this to a real book, but shadowboxes and dioramas are a great way to work on a subject.

Foto "pinnata" dalla nostra lettrice Francesca Mereu mano kellner, art boxes, all of december 2012

Be inspired to recycle all those different shapes of boxes everything come in to create art joy! Mano Kellner, art boxes, all of december 2012

lovely color

Its a Colorful x 16 print from original mixed media and collage painting by Kandy Myny Flowers Birds Orange Blue, Mooie kleuren!

Ashley Collins, "Sentry"  mixed media, oil and acrylic on panel

Horse - Ashley Collins, "Sentry" mixed media, oil and acrylic on panel

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