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I'm sure your dad loves you unconditionally and probably had lots of patience for burnt pancakes when you were a kid, but I think we can agree that it's even better to cook something as delicious as it is memorable. It's a tall order, I know. Which is why we're here to help.

There are holidays, and then there are brunch holidays. And Mother's Day is definitely a brunch holiday. From classic eggs Benedict to yogurt panna cotta, we've got 19 recipes to get you started.

From nachos, guac, and salsa to enchiladas and chile verde, we've got all the recipes you need to complete your Cinco de Mayo feast.

St. Patrick's Day is about more than wearing lots of green and getting plastered—it's also about having a hearty Irish meal first. In all seriousness, though, no matter how you celebrate, a great dinner is central to the holiday. From corned beef and mashed potatoes to stout-battered onion rings and one helluva Irish coffee ice cream, we've put together a menu of rib-sticking fare that'll keep you going full steam ahead all evening long.

Inspired by coquito, the Puerto Rican holiday punch, this rich dairy- and egg-free smoothie is a great way to start a winter morning.

Christmas dinner is all about hearty, family-friendly fare. And nothing fits that bill better than dessert. From creamy and light pies to the fudgiest of cakes, we've got 28 pies and cakes to complete your holiday feast.

The historic problem with Hoppin' John, a traditional Southern New Year's Day dish.

This brittle is definitely not traditional. This is not a slab of milk or white chocolate studded with nuts or chunks of peppermint. This is part cookie, part brownie, and wholly delicious.

Here are a dozen of our favorite sparkling drinks, all full of delicious, complex flavor, plus a little fizz from sparkling wine or hard cider.

There's a lot more to bubbly than Champagne, and there's a lot more than Brie to pair with it. From prosecco to lambrusco, here are pro cheese pairings for all your sparkling wines.

Last minute holiday menu planning? Let us guide you!

A matrix of lightly tart, yeasty bread cradles butter, hazelnut, and chocolate in this stellar panettone. Here's how it's made.

With its pineapples, pecans, and coconut, ambrosia is full of ingredients associated with Southerners love, but how did it come to exist at all, and why did it become a Southern Christmas tradition?

Making a great, crowd-pleasing salad shouldn't be hard. From a winter citrus salad with jewel-toned oranges and clementines to a medley of winter greens, we've got 27 salad recipes that'll keep you coming back for more.

12 festive soup #recipes for your holiday table. Creamy cauliflower & bacon, hearty winter vegetable, easy cioppino and more!

How to make buttery marzipan stollen at home.

Three variations on spiced nuts to serve when holiday guests arrive

This rich and luxurious flourless chestnut-and-chocolate torte is flavored with bourbon and topped with a swirl of sweetened chestnut purée. It's the perfect end to a wintertime holiday meal.

Whatever cocktail you drink will help warm you up from the inside, but this time of year, we like the speed the process with a festive mug of something hot and boozy. Here are our favorite recipes for hot toddies, spiked cider, and cocoa with all the trimmings.

Fruitcake. Panettone. Stollen. You have many choices of Christmas breads to buy or make for your holiday table. But there can only be one Queen of Christmas. Our Christmas bread partisans (and as inveterate Jews, impartial judges) Daniel Gritzer and Max Falkowitz make their cases for which loaf deserves a place in your home.

It's that most wonderful time of the year again. Between cookie-swaps, dinner parties, and the plate you're leaving out for Saint Nick, I think it's fair to dub Christmastime the unofficial celebration of Cookie. From chocolate peppermint snowflakes to cranberry linzers to gingerbread men, plus a not-so-small assortment of brownies, blondies, and brittles, we've got you covered.

Filled with Champagne buttercream and decorated with gold chocolate shards and sugar pearls, this cake roll is the pinnacle of festivity. Instead of using ordinary Champagne, I make this cake with Marc de Champagne, a pomace brandy made from Champagne grape skins, seeds, and stalks that pairs beautifully with the cake's creamy buttercream filling and sweet white chocolate ganache coating.

Poultry is a true kitchen chameleon. Turkey and chicken soak up spices and seasonings, pair well with almost everything, and the meat can be prepared in any number of different ways. From sous-vide and deep-fried to grilled and classically roasted, we've collected 23 chicken and turkey recipes for your holiday table.

Each of these three variations contains the core staples of the traditional latke—you'll need potatoes, onions, egg, and matzo meal. They all follow the same basic latke-making technique. But they also integrate other vegetables and spices, herbs, and even nuts and cheese. If this is mishegas, then mishegas is freaking delicious.