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They sure aren't the prettiest eggs around. These are the kinds of eggs you might describe to your friends as having a really great personality or being soooooo funny. Except you really, really mean it. They do have a great personality!

Each of these three variations contains the core staples of the traditional latke—you'll need potatoes, onions, egg, and matzo meal. They all follow the same basic latke-making technique. But they also integrate other vegetables and spices, herbs, and even nuts and cheese. If this is mishegas, then mishegas is freaking delicious.

If you're barreling down the grocery store aisles right now, shopping to get your Hanukkah dinner going, here's a handy cheat sheet on the big points that busts some latke myths along the way.

Swedish meatballs, stars of 1960s-era cocktail parties and IKEA shopping trips, are, on the surface, pretty simple: a mix of pork and beef that's lightly spiced and served with a rich gravy. Getting them just right, though, requires some fine-tuned tinkering. Here's our ultimate version, as good on a plate with buttery potatoes and lingonberry jam as speared on a toothpick.

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Lumpia (Filipino egg roll) is THE BEST EVER. This recipe from 'The Adobo Road Cookbook' is close to mine minus the garlic and light on the onions.Add lots of veggies - finely chopped cabbage, cooked finely diced potatoes, finely cut green beans. Can add cut up hard boiled eggs. All add to flavor AND stretch out recipe...these go fast! Can sub soy sauce, salt and pepper for fish sauce; start light and add as needed.

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