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Sergiy Galitsky
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Уличный фотограф Джоэл Мейеровиц  31

Уличный фотограф Джоэл Мейеровиц 31 – Популярное – Подписки – Популярное – Подписки

Зима в лесу

"Chasing Moments" Story and Pictures -- National Geographic Your Shot

CSSPeeper - Smart CSS viewer tailored for Designers

Get access to the useful styles with our Chrome extension. Our mission is to let Designers focus on design, and spend as little time as possible digging in a code.

Finance App - 1

Here is some visual exploration I did for practice :) Also more to come. Very happy to hear feedback from you :) Don't forget press (L) if you like it.

App UI Design

Hi Dribbblers! Here are some screens for an awesome upcoming app. Stay tuned :) ----- Looking for a creative team to partner with?

Onboarding GG Talk

Hello Guys, Let's continue with the GG talk project? Well, I decided to create an onboarding for the app, to inform users the main features that they will find in the app and the advantages of us.

Untitled-1.jpg (1564×696)

Untitled-1.jpg (1564×696)

C Logos

C - Logo Concepts. I'd be happy to hear your fav concept so far? Putting together the final concept proposal (presentation) for my client 'as we sp. – Популярное – Подписки

Photographer Alexey Yermakov (Alexey Ermakov) - The heartbeat of the city # – Популярное – Подписки

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