a backyard in Mississuaga, Ontario... Mature trees around the perimeter of the yard result in a shady garden. Here the grass does not function as a traditional "lawn". It's more of a pathway that leads you in amongst the various garden beds.

Hostas have some of the Best Names!


Mailbox Garden review | buy, shop with friends, sale | Kaboodle

Mailbox Garden review | buy, shop with friends, sale | Kaboodle

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meditation garden. We can all find a place to meditate. If there is no place like this available... Imagine it! Visualize it... And, breathe slowly... relax... and exhale. (Repeat). 5'minutes a day will do wonders on your health and improve the way you view the world!

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Putting a mailbox in the garden is the kind of cute/random decorations that I enjoy. The garden tool storage would be so practical & handy!

50 Brilliant, Easy & Cheap Storage Ideas (lots of tips and tricks)


vegetable garden---The tubs are “galvanized stock tanks” -- cattle troughs. JB drilled ¼” holes throughout the bottom of the tubs for drainage and put down filter cloth before filling them with dirt.

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Simple small garden shape.

In Detail: SWD11073


small space garden | Small spaces already feel more intimate, and can be made more so with ...

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Zen Garden - i could do this is the corner of the yard!!

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Fragrant plants and stirring grasses for a beautiful garden sanctuary ~ I live in the High Plains, I want a meditation garden...this looks like great inspiration to me.

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Garden Design

Garden Designer Leeds, West Yorkshire UK - Paperbark


Sturdy trellis is ideal for squash, cucumber, melons and other vining crops. Trellising vines increases air circulation to minimize disease problems. Keeps vines and fruits off soil for a cleaner, better harvest.

Cedar A-Frame Squash Support


Patina Farm, Ojai

patina farm update: spring in the garden...


garden fort

Les étoiles grises


30 Wonderful Backyard Landscaping Ideas


Galvanized tanks are an easy way to create a country-inspired water garden. More water gardens: http://www.bhg.com/gardening/landscaping-projects/water-gardens/dream-water-gardens/?socsrc=bhgpin050413farmwatergarden=10

Dream Water Gardens


55 Inspiring Pathway Ideas For A Beautiful Home Garden


Small Backyard Ideas

Tifpins: Home Decor


side yard path and drainage swale inspiration only

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50 Ideas of How To Create A Heaven In Your Garden - Architecture Art Designs


Small garden ideas

Small garden ideas


A great way to make a small garden look bigger is by cutting the lawn into a circular shape. A circular shape gives your garden a designer look while also tricking the eye into believing the garden is bigger. More tips at the site: http://www.fence-supermarket.co.uk/latest-news/small-garden

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Three Dogs in a Garden: More Ideas for the Narrow Space Between Suburban Homes

More Ideas for the Narrow Space Between Suburban Homes


Ideas for that narrow space in between suburban homes, flowers, vines, gardening, hydrangea, landscapes

Ideas for that Narrow Space in Between Suburban Homes


Curves add interest: A simple series of four circles, some paving, some lawn, on different levels create a practical easy maintained suburban garden

Design the garden of your dreams - Diarmuid Gavin's guide