Can we all just agree that this needs to happen?

For reals. I would date that guy.

The BEST Way to Meet Girls. This is seriously the best idea, ever. It would totally work on me. You know how people buy drinks for girls in bars? Why can' t pe girls books pickup lines Dating funny

Bookshelf Pocket Watch Locket NecklaceBook library by simdesign; small, but Love the idea of wearing books

Gemstone Necklaces Bookshelf Pocket Watch Locket Necklace,Book library Books Lovers author,vintage pendant Pocket Watch Locket Necklace You are going to


DIY Hair Chalk Tutorial : Hair Chalk Guide for Brunettes, Blondes, Easy Hair Coloring Tutorial

oh the possibilities...

The Big Bang Theory - In a parallel universe it's one nerdy girl living next door to 4 hot guys. i would totally watch this

assemblage art  'the owl sanctuary'

Assemblage art - 'the owl sanctuary'

Assemblage Art assemblage art 'the owl sanctuary' by mylittlelovebox .

Rainbow Hair <3

I do not like all the colors at once because I don't like rainbow. but the vibrant colors are awesome. one at a time or done as highlights would look amazing

serotonin chemical structure ; the happiness chemical in your brain.

Very cool tattoo and meaning: serotonin chemical structure ; the happiness chemical in your brain.depression runs in my family, its my turn. so heres my constant reminder to stay positive and that im going to be okay.done at planet ink extreme.


Anya's rainbow wedding dress

Confused which color to choose for your wedding? Well why don’t you celebrate your wedding with a color splash! There is a growing interest on having a Rainbow wedding theme. From flowers, bridesmaids rainbow.