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FatmaNur ÇakmakKorkmaz

FatmaNur ÇakmakKorkmaz
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ribbon flowers

Ribbon Button Flowers for a headband. Create using pieces of grosgrain ribbon, 2 in. Embellish with a button.

DIY lace flower for baby headbands

DIY ruffled flower headbands with lace trim and a button. (I have a bunch of lace that I can use and dye different colors to use)

How to make a knit hat with a knitting loom. I made a practice one so far. This video was so much easier to follow than the instruction booklet the loom came with.

Making hats with "In the Attic" Two methods for the brim. Previous poster said "This lady is a good teacher If you use baby yarn, you might need to use 4 or 5 stains at one time. Please note: Yellow loom for newborn; Blue loom for preemies.

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Upon further reflection… we love the idea of using sunglasses as a prop in a beach wedding photo shoot. Totally creative and ultra romantic! Creative Beach Wedding Photoshoot Ideas Sure To Inspire

Patterns for cute animal faces...would be great for animal balloons

A "zoo" for all the stuffed animals! Love this idea- even better than the stuffed animal hanging mesh bags! This way kids can actually get their animals out to play with them! Maybe even add a basement level for the kids to play in;

Butterfly Wings Twist Balloon

This is a fun look to complete with a princess crown and a princess wand. More pictures of new designs coming so.