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NYC street photography by Matt Weber The man with a cat on his head, saw him in New York, while we were having breakfast.

Herbert Tobias with his cat, 1962 - by Peter H.

(German photographer Herbert Tobias and his cat, Tobias.) * * Tobias: "He puts me here. Me think's the sauerkraut he ate for lunch went's to his brain.

Art On Sun: Bolivian people and cat :)

Bolivian child with cat in baby sling . Despite extreme poverty in areas the children and people of Bolivia live joyfully. What a sweet picture. Dying to visit….

Robert Doisneau

Love this Photo: Robert Doisneau - Le Plongeur du Pont d’Iéna Pont d’Iéna, Paris, France, The joy of a Parisian weekend just after the liberation of the capital and the end of the war

The Writer' S Cat, Gordes, France, 1954. by Willy Ronis (1910-2009)

The writer's cat, Gordes, France, 1954 - Willy Ronis