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Goodyear concept tires « TWWHLSPLS

Details we liek / Tire / Automotive / Black / Futuristic / Transportational / Goodyear / at MY EYES OPEN

awesome, unique and geeky backpack designs

awesome, unique and geeky backpack designs / Рюкзак серый, голубой концепт

We replaced workers' chairs with Gesture at 3 leading companies in the U.S., the U.K., and China to see the effect that the new Gesture chair had on posture, the use of technology, and the health of workers. Of the 62% of people who were experiencing pain previously, ALL said that Gesture helped alleviate that pain! #survey #infographic #ergonomics #officechair

By incorporating four key ways humans interact with nature, biophilic design can mimic its effects and greatly enhance our wellbeing.