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Behind The Scenes

Stay updated with what's going down in the Sevenly HQ. This board has awesome "behind-the-scene" videos and pics!

Behind The Scenes

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Tomorrow, on 11/13/14, Sevenly opens a new chapter, reveals a new product, innovates giving again. Join us in the countdown toward something new, something that goes beyond Sevenly. You get when you give. #GetAndGive #Sevenly

Sevenly | Crafted Cause Art on Quality Products

Sevenly apparel is more than just clothing. A Sevenly t-shirt is a conversation starter, a billboard for change, a reminder of the impact your purchase had on someone you may never meet. Here’s where we’d like to tell you a bit more about the inspiration behind this week’s new arrivals – the heart behind the art!

Sevenly x First Descents: The Heart Behind The Art

We recently had the honor to be interviewed by Capital One about Sevenly's Social Media Marketing strategy & tactics. Today, the article was published on Capital One Spark! Check out this sneak peek:

Spark Business IQ

A little world changer we're helping this week! Can't wait to give her a new pair of #Sevenly donated shoes :)

Sevenly Staff Challenge! In 1 week, all employees must check off 1 thing on their Bucket List! #sevenly

  • Project Elephant
    Project Elephant

    Can we suggest that you take 'ride an elephant' off your bucket list? The horrific training rituals that elephants endure in order to accept riders are well documented, and several well known tour companies have recently removed elephant treks from their itineraries. Much better to see them wild and free :)

Meet our incredible #Sevenly interns :) They're awesome!

Behind-the-Scenes look at the creation of 1 of this week's designs. || Find it on 9 different shirt styles & learn more about the cause at #sevenly.

Did you know it's Autism Awareness Month? Here are some Sevenly employees in blue to show support!

  • Katelynn Miller
    Katelynn Miller

    Is that a dog or a goat? What is that?

  • sevenly

    Katelynn Miller Hahaha, it's a dog ;) Our buyer Nick adopted this little furball and now Benjamin's running around the HQ most of the time :)

GUESS WHAT, World Changers? Sevenly is in Mashable's Championship Round for, "America's Most Social Small Business! Just 6 more days & the champion will be crowned. Do you think we could win? Stand with us by sharing your favorite cause we have supported or design you love & use #SocialSmallBiz in your post to vote!

WE MADE IT!! We're in the FINAL FOUR in Mashable's "Most Social Small Business" competition! Round 4 is all about branding and how each brand has developed its online voice including humor & engagement. Do you think we can win this?? #SocialSmallBiz #MarchMadness #Sevenly #Mashable

  • sevenly

    Thanks so much Rebecca Moore ! We are glad you got our back!

  • Jenny Denison
    Jenny Denison

    You got this, Sevenly (:

  • sevenly

    Jenny Denison Thank You so much for your support, Jenny! :)

World Changers! From our team to you, we want to say THANK YOU! Due to your limitless love for sevenly, we're in the Top 8 in Mashable's "Most Social Small Business" competition! NOW is your time to shine... again! In a comment below, tell us why you think we should make it to the FINAL 4! #oscarselfie

  • Maria Giangiulio
    Maria Giangiulio

    Sevenly, I think you should be top 4 because you allow us all a chance to change the world, a little at a time, as well as the opportunity to share our love of each cause with those around us (cool T-shirts are GREAT conversation starters!) AND introduce us to new organizations weekly!! Thank you for everything!

  • sevenly

    Thank you so much for those kind words! You are awesome Maria!

  • Emma.

    sevenly finds creative ways of introducing people to causes and issues that matter. It creates avenues of change for anyone and everyone who is willing to make a difference in any way that they can; no matter how seemingly big or small-- it brings people all around the world together to focus on global issues, and create positive change, and not too many companies can say that. Thank you guys for all you do, best of luck!

We LOVE dogs here at Sevenly! Meet our four-legged family members in this new blog post :)

Guess what our artists are doing today? They're signing YOUR prints! Get any of our limited edition Martin Luther King Jr. posters and you'll find the autograph of Brian, Zach, Sean, or Nathan on the back Signed with love -->

  • Ashley Armbruster
    Ashley Armbruster

    Wish I could! It's just not in the cards, right now. I think this is your best line of posters, yet! Keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep spreading the word!

  • sevenly

    Ashley Armbruster thank you so much!

Every so often a story hits our inbox that reminds us of why we are doing what we are doing. We are re-inspired all over again to continue making waves of change in this world. This is one of those stories... {click image to read full story}

It's Sevenly's 7 Days of Christmas! You MUST watch this. Believe me :)

Learn more about this week's campaign with the American Cancer Society and get to know Michael from our awesome customer service team :)

  • compassionate vegan
    compassionate vegan

    I ♥ Michael, he's helped me get my exchanges to the right size!

  • sevenly

    compassionate vegan I'll make sure he sees your comment.. I know it'll make his day :) Thanks so much for supporting Sevenly!

  • compassionate vegan
    compassionate vegan

    Thank you!!! Tell him Jacqueline Fonseca says thank you for the help with getting the white raglan change the world tee....

Our Charity Relations Director Megan is this week's employee of the week, as chosen by our Operations Department! How good is Eric's portrait? :)

Our creative team's mug shot ;) Or how would YOU caption this?

Sevenly | Crafted Cause Art on Quality Products
  • Meghan Mitchell
    Meghan Mitchell

    Please tell me you sell those Charlie Brown mugs!

Sevenly + The Somaly Mam Foundation! Each purchase this week helps rescue child sex trafficking victims who are enslaved in Southeast Asian brothels!

Sevenly + Save the Children - Providing life-saving aid for kids in war-torn Syria!

To Write Love on Her Arms + Sevenly ::: Your purchase helps provide suicide prevention to a teenager battling depression!

NEW CAMPAIGN::: Sevenly + Girl Up! Empower girls in Liberia and send them to school for a better future...

Sevenly + Girl Up

MUST WATCH::: Sevenly & KID PRESIDENT CHALLENGE: Spread Joy! Please watch this video & share it with your friends! Let's spread JOY to kids battling cancer!

Sevenly + Mercy Ships!

Check out Sevenly CEO Dale Partridge in this announcement: Conscious Magazine + Cause Placement Collaboration